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England Bat

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people shittalked me for being eager and wanting to try high, so searching mid for spy or sniper
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looking for a solid team to play in for s10, main or sub idm

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Joined what should i call my 1on1 team? [1on1] Bat
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Joined Gaben's Special Delivery [6on6] DShK
Joined T-A!: Tactical Ragequit [Highlander] nole
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  1. Ashley: Folly said:

    Bat playing Spy is like that last scene from Django Unchained. Yeah.

    He gets blown up a lot.

    +rep +recruit.

  2. woolen: BoyBrigade said:

    Hes really fucking shit at everything

  3. Domaytoe: (Certified Puntomime) - Nein said:

    Is “aim only” enough for High?

  4. Feri: MF said:

    Really nice guy, talkative and has a very pleasant voice :3

  5. oxocuboid: (ETF2L Donator) - LOOΠΔ said:

    “comment on my rec post”

  6. Temrane: cooking - AoD said:

    posted naked donald trump pre-scrim


  7. ivan said:

    mum get the camera

  8. Simply™ Bob™ said:

    Sick banterlad looking to improve, pick him up

  9. Miju: (๑╹ω╹๑ ) said:

    triggerbat memes

  10. BoneSponge said:


  11. firej said:

    he is pretty bat


  12. phoxii: A07 said:


  13. counou: nR - :) said:

    He deserves high, why u guys gotta be mean to him :(

  14. woolen: BoyBrigade said:

    so trash

  15. Bat said: