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  Name Classes Skill Type Date
England laceyk1ng Open/Mid Highlander 2
Wales Funs Prem Highlander 2
Poland stingHan High/Prem Highlander 15
Finland Marv Prem Highlander 26
UnitedKingdom R.E.M. High/Prem Highlander 10
Denmark corrsinT High Highlander 6
International Nichols_123_ Open 6on6 0
Russia RAMA Mid 6on6 7
Finland Toba Prem Highlander 3
Poland xSuicid3 Mid/High 6on6 1
Sweden BokuNoMedic Open Highlander 0
Finland Mason.ini Mid Highlander 8
European slaw Open 6on6 103
England VoidTrinity Mid/High Highlander 12
Denmark noxi1 Open Highlander 2
Austria basti Mid/High Highlander 4
Italy .strix Mid Highlander 4
France Seekae Open/Mid Highlander 0
Norway TheToastTurtle Open 6on6 0
England Carlotso25 Prem Highlander 26
European Spycy Prem Highlander 7
UnitedKingdom Popkern Mid Highlander 11
England Bejcn High/Prem Highlander 5
England Stitzy High Highlander 1
Finland Leagle_ High/Prem Highlander 6
Latvia svins Open 6on6 5
International BrinKK High Highlander 10
International Puma Mid Highlander 0
UnitedArabEmirates .wIckEd_ Mid Highlander 1
International R3D Open/Mid Highlander 0
Jamaica swag Mid/High 6on6 0
Poland happycat High Highlander 26
International Punix Prem 6on6 1
Croatia Ivan High Highlander 16
Russia Glebotron Open/Mid Highlander 0
Israel redwood High Highlander 22
Lithuania Just1s Prem Highlander 10
Romania UGC High/Prem Highlander 16
Germany e1ne High/Prem Highlander 15
Germany uncut Open 6on6 2
England Cat Open Highlander 0
Netherlands Drzy Open/Mid Highlander 1
England EksDi High/Prem Highlander 7
UnitedKingdom Brian. :3 Mid Highlander 6
Russia Eniere High 6on6 1
International QGZ-4 Mid 6on6 0
Denmark Fizz Open 6on6 0
Belgium .zero High Highlander 23
Norway E-thug High/Prem 6on6 5
Denmark Sc0pe Mid/High Highlander 11
Finland Tombaaa Open Highlander 3
Poland RafaloGimba Open Highlander 3
Latvia Author High/Prem Highlander 16
Germany Tollwut Open/Mid Highlander 3
Italy Fenix Mid/High Highlander 8
Netherlands pacy Open Highlander 11
Slovakia Maros High 6on6 2
Italy Erupo89 High Highlander 16
Russia Hardposible Open 6on6 0
Germany RJ Mid Highlander 8
England Bat™ Mid Highlander 40
Russia skippe Mid 6on6 4
England ManicJamie Mid Highlander 1
Norway Arcades High/Prem Highlander 0
Latvia walters Mid/High Highlander 0
England Morphine High Highlander 49
England Jynxi High Highlander 4
UnitedKingdom Pikey_ Mid Highlander 1
Turkey KesPenguen Open 6on6 4
Belarus Simple Guy Open 6on6 8
Russia Deity Open/Mid 6on6 9
England Devon Mid/High Highlander 14
Italy -=marche=- Open 6on6 0
Finland Randomaali Open 6on6 0
Estonia Popcorp Prem Highlander 26
Germany Death Mid Highlander 2
Lithuania kitas Open/Mid 6on6 2
Austria Quarkii Mid Highlander 6
Scotland Sol_ Open/Mid Highlander 1
UnitedKingdom Exze Mid/High Highlander 8
European NightWing94 Open/Mid 6on6 0
Belarus Byu-boy Mid/High Highlander 1
France Aephage Prem 6on6 8
European Dark Mid/High 6on6 0
Sweden Steve Mid 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom Sheikh Open Highlander 0
European ElazulTF2 High/Prem Highlander 24
Poland szymek C Mid Highlander 6
Netherlands Tiberius Maximus Mid/High Highlander 2
Ireland Chavvot Open/Mid 6on6 9
European iatgink High 6on6 7
International 20 Open 6on6 0
Portugal Signs. Mid 6on6 4
Italy Gius Open 6on6 0
Serbia mikac Open Highlander 2
International RainyPT Open 6on6 0
Poland minxy Mid Highlander 14
Scotland Scrambled Mid 6on6 20
Poland Akwilon High/Prem Highlander 14
UnitedKingdom Mo Mid/High Highlander 16
Poland wonder Prem Highlander 9
Germany MOOGLE High/Prem 6on6 2
Russia Nelsoon Mid 6on6 16
England Maxi High/Prem Highlander 23
England Dan Mid/High Highlander 2
CzechRepublic Sa3lence_ Open 6on6 0
Germany Chopp Mid 6on6 8
UnitedKingdom Alin Open/Mid Highlander 0
Italy Tama Mid Highlander 4
Germany PdH Open Highlander 7
International Its All Over Open Highlander 0
International Its All Over Open Highlander 0
International choowly Open 6on6 0
Poland X-Wing High/Prem Highlander 12
Hungary Misi Open Highlander 2
Germany Bloodyyy High/Prem Highlander 11
Portugal Belgas Mid 6on6 4
Belarus eXz Mid 6on6 9
Denmark Benjiz Open/Mid 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom Turbo Prem 6on6 1
European ian Open/Mid 6on6 1
England Tennis Open/Mid 6on6 0
Greece Skive High 6on6 15
International bscsani Open 6on6 0
Wales sel Mid 6on6 0
France Wister Open Highlander 1
International Sein Open/Mid Highlander 0
International Sein Open/Mid Highlander 0
Germany Goat High 6on6 4
France Speedead High Highlander 8
Italy NiNety Open/Mid 6on6 0
Sweden nasgubb Open/Mid Highlander 0
England Will Mid/High Highlander 3
England T0m High/Prem 6on6 18
UnitedKingdom Bobo Mid/High Highlander 0
Belgium Rob Open 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom nuze Prem 6on6 19
UnitedKingdom Fluff High Highlander 9
International RockFeller Open/Mid Highlander 0
Germany Alphaa Mid/High 6on6 5
UnitedKingdom Corkscrew Prem 6on6 0
Norway plazzba Mid Highlander 0
Lithuania RenTas Mid 6on6 5
International Serpon Open Highlander 0
Germany Lennox High Highlander 24
European Snuggles Open/Mid 6on6 0
Sweden GamerCat Mid/High 6on6 16
European husky Open 6on6 0
Finland Spairou Mid Highlander 0
Poland MuodyM Mid/High Highlander 7
Finland Jutzi13 Open 6on6 1
European Zip Open 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom Shuffles_ Open 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom uvain Open 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom DoctorNubCake Open 6on6 1
Georgia Scorpion High 6on6 2
Finland Anzki Open/Mid Highlander 0
European ♥nightstar♥ Open/Mid 6on6 4
Russia olBaa Prem Highlander 19
Lithuania Sprayer Mid/High 6on6 12
Germany Yung Frencho Open Highlander 25
Hungary c s i g u s z Mid Highlander 12
Sweden fk- Open 6on6 0
Poland Kazachu High 6on6 7
Russia hurma vyazhet Mid 6on6 3
International Dying Tom Open 6on6 0
England Simba High/Prem Highlander 6
International It Was A Dream Mid Highlander 3
England Derpnerys Fartgaryan Open/Mid Highlander 0
Hungary Snoww Prem 6on6 0
European Nice Old Lady Open Highlander 0
Germany Chime High Highlander 44
International arial 1944 Open/Mid Highlander 4
Austria Kuferl Mid/High Highlander 9
Germany Cra5yfun High Highlander 2
UnitedKingdom Extrasolar High Highlander 76
Israel Yuval Mid/High Highlander 3
England Gemmellness Mid Highlander 2
Russia simba Open 6on6 7
Spain Albertt High Highlander 6
Sweden smultron High 6on6 0
European Rytu Open/Mid 6on6 0
International koppa Open/Mid 6on6 0
International GamingAardvark High 6on6 0
Germany OfficerShadow Open 6on6 0
Slovakia Jaros. Mid/High Highlander 10
Poland Jedi(fla)master High/Prem Highlander 7
International F1nt Prem 6on6 0
England Vornami Mid/High 6on6 0
Hungary Afirax Prem Highlander 11
Finland Arcturus Open/Mid 6on6 1
Finland Baron One-Eye Mid/High Highlander 4
Israel Duck Open 6on6 0
Russia fede4ka High 6on6 7
Macedonia scorcher Mid Highlander 1
Turkey MUSA Prem Highlander 5
Turkey DereK Mid 6on6 1
Russia Cholera Mid 6on6 3
England chasingshadows Mid Highlander 12
Lithuania Kebab Melynos Zibute Open Highlander 2
Russia Zeluboba Open 6on6 7
Poland Hyuigi Open 6on6 0
England Pega6 Open/Mid Highlander 0
Finland Tuosan Open Highlander 0
England El Cathalo Open 6on6 0
Portugal arkady Mid Highlander 4
England Moursi High/Prem 6on6 24
Russia ysshi Mid/High 6on6 3
England birdy Mid Highlander 5
Poland Baton Mid/High Highlander 0
Norway Vetleaks Mid Highlander 26
England Closo High Highlander 6
Poland Sheezer High Highlander 29
Ukraine DenisRisov Mid/High 6on6 3
France Parking Shell Open 6on6 0
Norway SL1M Mid/High 6on6 8
Russia TwinkY Open/Mid 6on6 0
Germany SzenE Open 6on6 0
Netherlands >MF< Mid 6on6 5
International Wulf Mid/High Highlander 0
UnitedKingdom Hydra Mid Highlander 2
International !nfusOH Open Highlander 0
Germany ogaR High 6on6 0
Finland eLs Mid 6on6 2
Italy Alva Mid Highlander 8
Germany Darius the Faggius Mid/High Highlander 0
Denmark Kimo Open Highlander 1
Russia Dem Open/Mid 6on6 6
Finland MatteX High/Prem Highlander 7
England Leyr Mid 6on6 0
BosniaHerzegovina BARA Open/Mid Highlander 15
Russia Umbrella Open/Mid 6on6 3
European Rainee Open/Mid Highlander 16
Finland Setlet Prem 6on6 9
Finland Leif High Highlander 5
International swargi Mid/High Highlander 0
England johnnyrook Open/Mid Highlander 2
International snotterdott Open/Mid 6on6 0
Spain Morgus High 6on6 1
Switzerland Karmadus Open/Mid 6on6 1
Belgium Shpeeisme Mid 6on6 3
Netherlands Jordy Open/Mid 6on6 6
International CzKolinGCz Open 6on6 0
International coRe Mid 6on6 0
Ukraine PalachJustPalach Prem 6on6 2
Israel Infernal Open 6on6 0
Russia V1KM4N Open 6on6 10
Sweden Foz Open Highlander 0
Ukraine Angel of Hell High 6on6 8
England Apolo Open/Mid 6on6 2
Croatia Hallz Open Highlander 2
France Exy High 6on6 2
Iceland XO - High/Prem 6on6 5
Israel EoN Open 6on6 8
International tazman Mid 6on6 0
Russia imelman Open/Mid 6on6 0
CzechRepublic r0xrite Mid 6on6 0
England LewisWTF Open/Mid Highlander 0
UnitedKingdom Firefly Open 6on6 1
Germany b_fisch High Highlander 12
UnitedKingdom Jellybean Open/Mid Highlander 0
England FrostByte High Highlander 15
Turkey spear Mid Highlander 2
CzechRepublic Martin Open/Mid 6on6 2
England kato Open/Mid Highlander 0
Netherlands Rayqson Open 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom CommanderX High/Prem 6on6 0
Wales Meeto Mid/High 6on6 0
International lille5nik Open 6on6 1
Finland LostMySelf High 6on6 4
UnitedKingdom CoolDoyle Mid/High 6on6 1
Poland iteer Mid/High Highlander 0
Netherlands Kars Open/Mid 6on6 2
Brazil NeeTu Open 6on6 0
International pootismaximus Open 6on6 0
International Lil' Pootis Open/Mid 6on6 0
Israel 3wavesguy Mid 6on6 0
England BochaN 13 :D Mid 6on6 0
International lo Open/Mid Highlander 0
Israel PinkieTapS Mid/High 6on6 1
International Admiral Akbar Open/Mid Highlander 0
Belgium Spyro High Highlander 11
Wales Sneaky! High Highlander 3
France Scotchteo Open/Mid Highlander 0
Denmark Thomas Open 6on6 0
Sweden Festive_ Mid/High Highlander 1
International ojwonder Open/Mid Highlander 2
International Magikarp Open Highlander 0
Wales Blockystream Open Highlander 0
Russia Radfar Open 6on6 0
European SkySlimeIsHere Open/Mid Highlander 0
France Menel christobal Mid/High 6on6 2
France dududul POPOPOL High 6on6 5
France shaw Mid Highlander 0
England Love <3 Open Highlander 1
Israel ebeny Open 6on6 0
UnitedStates R_nger Open/Mid Highlander 1
International Zio Open Highlander 1
International The Space Pirate Mid 6on6 1
Poland Obinook Mid 6on6 0
International RSB_/- }{ U G E N[ Open 6on6 0
International Awih Mid 6on6 0
Denmark Beater High/Prem 6on6 2
Ukraine lippy High/Prem 6on6 4
Finland Julmuri Mid 6on6 0
Sweden Klassy Open/Mid 6on6 0
European Fuddles Mid/High 6on6 2
Spain Luiz Open 6on6 0
Finland Ch3Vy Mid 6on6 3
Russia English Rose Open/Mid Highlander 0
Norway Erlend Mid 6on6 1
Finland Tikupra Open/Mid Highlander 0
International muis Mid/High 6on6 0
Russia Cherie Open Highlander 0
International Fedora Freddy Open Highlander 0
International Psyby Open 6on6 0
Netherlands Risc Open/Mid 6on6 0
Romania ◄HUGO High Highlander 12
Russia Spicy High 6on6 0
France Copernic Mid 6on6 0
International lovely Mid Highlander 3
France Isil High/Prem Highlander 7
Spain Gek Mid 6on6 5
Russia fuvannt Open Highlander 2
Sweden hamaham Mid 6on6 1
Kazakhstan Lacoste Open 6on6 0
France Boulbiatch High 6on6 0
Italy A Crazy Teddy Bear Open/Mid Highlander 0
Estonia kilpkonn Open/Mid 6on6 1
Macedonia Henghast High 6on6 2
International Max Vultur Open Highlander 0
Russia Siniver Open Highlander 0
International Smiegt Mid/High 6on6 0