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  Name Classes Skill Type Date
Latvia andRe High Highlander 0
European Rockz7ar Mid/High 6on6 1
Turkey Frusk Mid Highlander 0
Portugal Mustachio Furioso Mid Highlander 0
France Woni Mid 6on6 0
Germany melle49 High 6on6 10
Poland happycat High Highlander 13
Malta Smithaxe1 Open Highlander 0
England Edgeward Mid/High Highlander 12
International CryHoss Mid/High Highlander 0
UnitedStates Aqua Open Highlander 0
International Kruzy Open Highlander 0
UnitedStates Morgan_Freeman Open Highlander 1
UnitedStates Gambler Open Highlander 0
International AL_M Prem Highlander 0
Poland Sheezer High/Prem Highlander 113
Chile Selkman Open/Mid Highlander 0
International Captain Open/Mid Highlander 0
Brazil Damohill Open Highlander 1
UnitedStates Bubgun 45 Open Highlander 1
International Sane Prem 6on6 0
Mexico AmbarV Open Highlander 0
England Phrenic Mid 6on6 5
International Adrift Mid/High Highlander 0
International Derpio Open Highlander 0
Netherlands Juice Open Highlander 0
Poland Vidubelay Open Highlander 0
UnitedStates dr_fap Prem 6on6 0
Canada Shjiki Open Highlander 0
UnitedStates Constipated Ronald R Open Highlander 0
UnitedStates srt Open Highlander 0
International Tyler Prem 6on6 0
Greece -7- Open 6on6 0
International Placolol Open Highlander 0
International JexTexSSB Mid Highlander 0
France isuggestyourun Open 6on6 1
Chile Fabix56 Mid Highlander 0
Canada Kaenidi Open/Mid Highlander 0
Finland Tombahh High 6on6 9
Canada Manacute Open Highlander 0
UnitedKingdom FireIronArm Open Highlander 4
Ireland Thursday Open/Mid Highlander 6
Finland kola Open/Mid 6on6 5
UnitedKingdom MrFirefoxX Open Highlander 0
Germany D-Kay Open/Mid 6on6 0
Russia shoras Mid/High 6on6 15
Israel Shooterdash Open Highlander 0
England joe High 6on6 4
Finland Juho Kuvaja Prem 6on6 3
Russia Eskander Mid 6on6 0
France Speedead High 6on6 6
Italy Argus High Highlander 23
Wales Muze Mid/High 6on6 3
CzechRepublic nutt Mid 6on6 9
UnitedKingdom Popkern High LAN Team 14
France Daul High/Prem 6on6 22
Denmark Sc0pe Mid/High 6on6 19
India Manik Open Highlander 1
Lithuania Chopperis Open Highlander 1
UnitedKingdom Hydra Mid/High Highlander 8
European befa Open Highlander 1
Portugal dBubble Open/Mid 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom Crazy3k Open 6on6 0
Italy HeroWolfMod Open/Mid Highlander 1
Germany Chopp Mid/High 6on6 5
Italy Cosmon Open/Mid Highlander 5
Poland shymek Open 6on6 3
Poland stingHan Open Highlander 4
Italy Give Up Open/Mid Highlander 4
International rowpieces Mid/High 6on6 1
Spain Albertt High Highlander 2
International ItsNarcis Open/Mid Highlander 0
CzechRepublic degu High Highlander 3
UnitedStates jellydotjar Open Highlander 0
UnitedKingdom vinnie Open/Mid Highlander 0
Finland Scyper High/Prem LAN Team 3
UnitedKingdom shmu Open 6on6 1
European dinosaurs200 Open Highlander 0
Croatia Ivan Open Highlander 2
Denmark wan High 6on6 13
UnitedKingdom Tealcjaffacakes Open/Mid 6on6 2
UnitedKingdom humzah Open/Mid 6on6 3
Russia Jack High/Prem Highlander 2
International GIGAHAXX Open/Mid 6on6 1
Denmark corrsinT High Highlander 5
Netherlands Lin Open/Mid Highlander 3
Russia Realizyeeee Open Highlander 2
Portugal Simba Mid 6on6 1
Finland bong High/Prem LAN Team 0
Israel redwood Mid 6on6 6
Finland Kylähullu Prem LAN Team 1
UnitedKingdom Extrasolar Open Highlander 2
Germany Dreamcat Mid Highlander 2
UnitedStates Noxus Open/Mid Highlander 4
Portugal Sn0w Mid/High 6on6 12
Iceland Plerfs High 6on6 2
England Chasing Mid Highlander 2
Russia vice Open Highlander 1
Italy Fenix Open Highlander 4
Netherlands Dominant Mid/High Highlander 7
Russia ElRWHawko Open Highlander 2
European zaid Mid/High 6on6 0
Germany Iver Mid Highlander 10
Sweden Foz Open/Mid 6on6 2
France Mr. BBQ Open 6on6 3
England septik Open Highlander 0
Switzerland g0R3 High/Prem 6on6 5
Germany OfficerShadow Mid Highlander 2
Sweden gudem Open/Mid Highlander 2
Germany Benaty Open 6on6 1
SaudiArabia Different2000 Open Highlander 1
Finland antares Mid 6on6 0
International Tyran Open/Mid Highlander 0
England a Woolen Sleevelet Prem Highlander 6
England VoidTrinity Mid/High Highlander 5
Ukraine Snajper Open 6on6 0
Slovakia Jaros. Mid/High Highlander 10
England JacquesLEB Mid/High 6on6 2
Norway NeuTronas High 6on6 3
CzechRepublic stepanex Mid/High 6on6 2
Finland fundo Mid/High Highlander 4
France Zarix Mid/High 6on6 1
Germany Lollipop High Highlander 3
International LeMattHatter Open Highlander 0
Switzerland profix High 6on6 32
UnitedKingdom Undertribe Open Highlander 1
Scotland Scrambled Open Highlander 9
Germany foungi Prem Highlander 14
Scotland fsidu Open Highlander 1
International Bug Open/Mid 6on6 0
Ireland Frysk Mid Highlander 1
UnitedKingdom Layla Mid Highlander 0
Netherlands Cryyy Open 6on6 3
UnitedKingdom Brian. :3 High Highlander 5
International Mr.Freeman Open Highlander 0
Poland Coyote Mid Highlander 6
Wales Link Open Highlander 0
Israel Ringo Mid/High 6on6 11
Ireland Per-Cent00 Open/Mid Highlander 1
Italy Erupo89 High Highlander 3
International D00T Open/Mid 6on6 0
Wales sel Mid/High 6on6 2
Sweden Bobinsky High 6on6 11
Russia vekeha Open 6on6 0
France Ganon Open Highlander 0
International Doge Open Highlander 2
European d3lirious Open/Mid 6on6 1
UnitedStates Ice Cold Lemonade Open Highlander 0
UnitedStates Ford Frappuccino Open/Mid Highlander 0
Italy Friss-RefHA Open/Mid Highlander 1
Germany Drizzel High Highlander 5
Norway lille5nik Open Highlander 0
International Vertebrate Open Highlander 0
Germany NuMetal Open Highlander 0
Ireland Red Open Highlander 0
Finland dragon_slayer72 High Highlander 16
Estonia Popcorp High 6on6 3
Finland bibban Open Highlander 0
Russia Glas1s Open/Mid Highlander 0
UnitedStates Flutterbat Open Highlander 0
Norway Andy Mid/High 6on6 8
England Ze waffleinator oFTo Open 6on6 0
Sweden FofalioX Open Highlander 2
England WARHURYEAH High/Prem 6on6 8
England Mould ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ High 6on6 10
Russia Avogadro Prem 6on6 1
France Nevo High/Prem 6on6 4
Poland Chooper Prem Highlander 21
England Maxi Mid/High 6on6 0
European Duralmina Open/Mid 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom 0zzzz Open Highlander 1
UnitedKingdom Jack ? Open Highlander 2
England Jacko720 Mid Highlander 1
UnitedKingdom æ.cough High Highlander 9
Romania tavi High 6on6 2
France Flipmode Open 6on6 8
Finland ollitf Open/Mid Highlander 0
International boomgoo Prem 6on6 4
Netherlands Galrath Mid Highlander 0
Germany Lennox High Highlander 11
UnitedKingdom InTheBeef Open/Mid Highlander 2
International Pereira Open 6on6 0
Macedonia hardworkk Open/Mid Highlander 5
Denmark YppY Mid/High 6on6 9
Netherlands Risc Mid Highlander 7
Poland MuodyM High Highlander 8
Russia Krios Open 6on6 1
Germany ash High/Prem 6on6 6
UnitedKingdom lor_is Mid/High 6on6 5
UnitedKingdom Spritzzle Mid Highlander 0
International Dasty Open Highlander 0
Italy Simpatia Mid/High Highlander 15
England Buck824 Open/Mid Highlander 1
Turkey [9~V] Bio Open/Mid 6on6 1
International Weazel Open/Mid Highlander 0
England NoodleArt Mid Highlander 0
England Pirateer Mid Highlander 1
Russia ° moonbeam Open/Mid 6on6 1
Ukraine Al't Open 6on6 1
England Amarinder Ruprai High Highlander 6
UnitedKingdom spectrum Mid 6on6 3
Sweden Sjoeberg High/Prem 6on6 10
England Banna Open Highlander 0
Germany Ignis High 6on6 10
UnitedKingdom Exze Open Highlander 7
European TwinkleStarCrusader Open 6on6 0
France Psycho Open/Mid Highlander 0
UnitedKingdom Chandos Mid/High 6on6 6
England FizzyPug Open/Mid Highlander 14
Hungary O'men High Highlander 11
International Leo Open/Mid Highlander 0
Finland Stats Mid 6on6 1
Russia pringelz Mid 6on6 11
UnitedKingdom 4u5t1n Open 6on6 2
England Apolo Open/Mid 6on6 0
Belgium Dark Sidious Open 6on6 1
Slovakia Jackaroo Open 6on6 0
International Pipebomb Open Highlander 4
Denmark Pretzel High Highlander 1
International Pine-a-please? Open 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom ninlop Open 6on6 0
Turkey Nagato Open/Mid 6on6 0
Finland juju High Highlander 3
England Dan High Highlander 4
International Shkeeper Mid Highlander 0
Israel MeniS High 6on6 1
England Gemmellness Mid Highlander 4
Ukraine OverLord Open/Mid 6on6 0
Scotland Deox Prem Highlander 11
France Yem7s Prem 6on6 3
International Avariser Open Highlander 1
Sweden Jaanii Mid 6on6 12
International Wildman4400 trade.tf Open/Mid Highlander 1
Finland NiKoRo Mid/High Highlander 8
Poland iteer Open Highlander 0
International ZBoy Open 6on6 0
England Bandito Mid Highlander 2
Russia olBaa Prem Highlander 8
UnitedKingdom squirrel147 Mid/High 6on6 14
Sweden MrLindskog High 6on6 0
Portugal Flamy Open/Mid 6on6 0
European Roper Open 6on6 0
International jx53 Mid/High 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom Elyassu Open/Mid 6on6 5
Spain ElCoru Open Highlander 0
Poland Bajer Mid Highlander 3
Romania kYle Mid 6on6 0
Lithuania stnr Mid/High 6on6 3
Norway -Robby Mid Highlander 0
CzechRepublic Sa3lence_ Open/Mid 6on6 0
Portugal ALR18 Open Highlander 0
Russia Enack Open/Mid 6on6 9
Germany schocky Prem LAN Team 1
International dark reaper Open/Mid 6on6 0
Germany Earlie High 6on6 29
Italy Tocco Mid/High Highlander 11
European ArchAngel High/Prem Highlander 3
International stalky Open Highlander 1
International megabman Mid 6on6 0
Russia IntonatorStar Mid/High 6on6 2
Russia Xigma Open/Mid Highlander 3
UnitedKingdom Mrkritz Prem 6on6 9
UnitedKingdom spectretimmy Mid Highlander 0
Slovakia dft High 6on6 3
Croatia Hallz Open Highlander 0
England winter Open 6on6 0
England armadillo Open/Mid Highlander 0
Germany DIG Arctic Mid 6on6 4
International Wit Wiggle Open Highlander 2
Azerbaijan Light Open 6on6 0
Scotland Wicked Nigerian Seri Open/Mid Highlander 5
UnitedKingdom The Aids master Mid/High Highlander 3
CzechRepublic Mike Rotch Open 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom Dr. Critz Open 6on6 0
International cg Open/Mid 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom Un1qUElyRand0m Open Highlander 2
France WarG Mid 6on6 4
France Dan. K memes Open/Mid Highlander 1
England Manti Open 6on6 1
International Eletric Open/Mid Highlander 1
Denmark willuminati Mid 6on6 2
International zeus06 Open/Mid 6on6 0
England Leyr Mid 6on6 0
International Yuyu Open Highlander 1
Latvia Timus the cat High 6on6 8
Spain Miles Open/Mid Highlander 0
Sweden TheBebo Open Highlander 0
Russia DEAFKNIFE Mid 6on6 1
Netherlands Tvde1 Open Highlander 2
International Savon Open Highlander 1
Spain Kimbo Open/Mid 6on6 0