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  Name Classes Skill Type Date
UnitedKingdom lyte Mid 6on6 0
Norway hemp Prem/High 6on6 8
UnitedKingdom Cyanic High/Mid 6on6 5
England Unrav Prem/High 6on6 0
Germany Ricoby Low 6on6 1
Finland sofie Open Highlander 5
Germany Maki_Mercky_Merc Open Highlander 0
Russia wreaz Mid/Low 6on6 9
Poland Mlody Open Highlander 2
France scar Prem/High 6on6 17
Poland Dawid Open Highlander 0
Greece Hummon High/Mid Highlander 6
Scotland Jazz High/Mid Highlander 10
UnitedKingdom Pecklesteiner Low/Open 6on6 9
Poland Tercio High 6on6 7
Russia denamo Low/Open Highlander 0
Ukraine MechaZS Low/Open 6on6 0
Germany Amaterasu High/Mid 6on6 16
Russia den4ik Open Highlander 0
Italy Godz Ares High 6on6 7
Albania sun Low 6on6 7
Romania clean carp Mid Highlander 4
Russia Antibite Open Highlander 0
Finland TK_ High Highlander 13
UnitedKingdom YooT Mid/Low 6on6 2
UnitedKingdom Piney Open Highlander 11
Ireland Black jesus Mid/Low 6on6 4
Germany Sumpl3 Low Highlander 0
Sweden Foz High 6on6 0
Wales $neaky Prem Highlander 5
Luxembourg jimmij High/Mid 6on6 11
Poland pad Low 6on6 0
Portugal GR1M High Highlander 8
Portugal Teriyaki Sauce Mid Highlander 6
Ukraine F999999 Mid/Low 6on6 0
Italy Sprasty Prem Highlander 14
Netherlands GibZ' High/Mid Highlander 9
Poland Ciabaladin High Highlander 5
Russia StyX Open Highlander 0
SaudiArabia Five baz Prem/High 6on6 1
England ggggggg Prem 6on6 2
SaudiArabia soLo' Prem Highlander 13
Estonia Tomilla Low 6on6 0
Netherlands duckers Mid/Low 6on6 2
Latvia zoom Open 6on6 0
Norway The Tanning Bed Mid/Low 6on6 4
England Mould High 6on6 9
International linear2583 Mid/Low Fresh Meat 0
UnitedKingdom wiitabix High Highlander 5
Germany callFEELD Mid 6on6 1
Serbia shinso Prem/High Highlander 0
Croatia Ivano Mid 6on6 3
European Classy Low/Open Highlander 1
Italy sugo Open Highlander 2
Russia Syah Open Highlander 0
Ireland Kaine Mid Highlander 3
UnitedKingdom Winnero1 Mid 6on6 12
International Moppy Open 6on6 0
Romania bluR- High Highlander 7
Germany Basti High/Mid 6on6 6
Denmark wand00m High 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom tdm0 High/Mid 6on6 0
Netherlands The Great Assassin Open Highlander 2
Russia pi4enka Low/Open Highlander 0
UnitedKingdom Anevex Mid Highlander 13
Russia 94 Mid 6on6 0
Finland Jepz High/Mid 6on6 2
Poland Norbi High Highlander 16
International why Low/Open Highlander 1
Finland Mimo Mid 6on6 7
Netherlands Dominant High Highlander 3
England Kireek Prem/High Highlander 14
Finland Nebula Prem/High Highlander 5
England Ryan Mid 6on6 14
Denmark Riis Mid/Low 6on6 4
UnitedKingdom LuxZen Mid 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom GrumpyKoi Mid 6on6 12
England YeeHaw Prem 6on6 15
Turkey Pauthen Mid/Low 6on6 4
England JacquesLEB Low 6on6 1
Lithuania Sketis Prem/High Highlander 4
France loopster High/Mid 6on6 6
Switzerland Salty High Highlander 1
Poland thaZu Prem/High 6on6 15
Finland Scyper High 6on6 1
England bum High 6on6 11
Denmark Phong_ High/Mid 6on6 14
UnitedKingdom Lava High 6on6 9
Netherlands streep36 High 6on6 5
France Aelkyr Mid/Low 6on6 12
Belgium Wylen High 6on6 4
England Celreo High/Mid Highlander 1
Serbia Inna Low/Open 6on6 14
Finland Leif High Highlander 9
Belgium Dwapking High/Mid 6on6 6
Germany tiia High 6on6 10
France Ama Prem 6on6 11
Finland Kaerra Low 6on6 7
Romania Demos Prem 6on6 2
Spain WFlash High/Mid 6on6 7
UnitedKingdom ollie Mid/Low 6on6 9
UnitedKingdom Crazy3k Mid/Low 6on6 5
England Ashley High 6on6 8
Finland Pepis Low/Open 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom lz64 Open 6on6 4
England Vouri High 6on6 7
Russia TOSS Mid/Low 6on6 1
France ARda High 6on6 11
Portugal kiiobe Low 6on6 4
UnitedKingdom Dave_the_Irate Mid 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom Lokko High/Mid 6on6 6
Lithuania NeuTronas Prem/High 6on6 10
France sod High/Mid 6on6 1
Poland maly Mid 6on6 6
Slovakia Danto Mid/Low 6on6 6
Ukraine Den4ik Low/Open 6on6 0
Poland Stan High 6on6 21
UnitedKingdom Stuffed High/Mid 6on6 5
Romania tibi Low 6on6 1
England proky High/Mid 6on6 4
Sweden Racso High/Mid 6on6 4
International Ironhawk Low 6on6 14
Hungary bohoc Mid/Low 6on6 3
England Roper Open 6on6 5
European LackRish Open 6on6 0
Poland Bajer High/Mid Fun Team 0
Italy Phil Low/Open 6on6 15
Estonia MoMo Open Highlander 0
Scotland h0rizoNN High 6on6 2
Germany prsn Mid/Low 6on6 1
CzechRepublic nutt Mid 6on6 2
England torrit Prem 6on6 4
CzechRepublic DelT Mid/Low 6on6 1
England FizzyPug Prem/High Highlander 7
Finland karppi Prem Highlander 11
Germany Jack High Highlander 0
Israel princess dvs Prem/High Highlander 12
France ronz Mid/Low 6on6 7
Sweden Teo High/Mid 6on6 2
UnitedKingdom noobdog Low/Open 6on6 0
Italy ixy Prem 6on6 5
Poland squat Low/Open Highlander 0
Russia Xidy Low/Open 6on6 1
European unk1nd. Mid Highlander 6
England z0diack Prem/High 6on6 9
CzechRepublic Nightingale Open Highlander 0
Germany AnonT⚡️S Mid Highlander 0
Finland fundo Prem/High Highlander 1
Ireland gamma Low/Open 6on6 3
UnitedKingdom GOZ Low/Open Highlander 2
Turkey t9m Mid/Low 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom pander Mid/Low 6on6 4
Netherlands skyro High 6on6 1
International pink Low 6on6 0
France AcidPeter High/Mid 6on6 4
Netherlands Kars Prem/High 6on6 15
Poland Kartky Mid 6on6 9
Germany Valafar Mid 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom misty Mid 6on6 1
Denmark Lusty Low 6on6 0
Italy Loquenlucas Open Highlander 11
Finland Marv High 6on6 2
CzechRepublic Mike Rotch High 6on6 5
China bambi High 6on6 5
England Lux High/Mid 6on6 3
Latvia kronis High 6on6 4
Finland Princess Luna Mid 6on6 10
England Maxi High/Mid 6on6 5
England JackusBrune Open 6on6 3
Russia Kenty Open Highlander 3
England Dandere High 6on6 13
Kazakhstan Inlaidroom Open 6on6 0
Denmark tobs Prem 6on6 0
Finland kola Prem/High 6on6 11
UnitedKingdom Poison Prem 6on6 8
Germany deca Prem/High 6on6 2
Spain CeeJaey Prem/High 6on6 13
France Black High/Mid 6on6 2
Russia XenDie Low Highlander 0
UnitedKingdom counou Prem 6on6 9
Scotland kermit Prem/High 6on6 1
European nbdygm Mid 6on6 0
France Nevo Prem 6on6 12
England Eemes Prem 6on6 4
France Kounaa Prem/High 6on6 6
Poland Szlemek Open Fresh Meat 6
Netherlands hondjo Mid 6on6 6
European znach Mid/Low Highlander 0
Bulgaria Val Mid Highlander 4
Denmark Pot8o Prem 6on6 1
UnitedStates Console- Mid 6on6 0
Estonia Chez Low/Open 6on6 1
International Aint Open Highlander 0
Poland dabidibam Mid 6on6 1
International Igor3029 Open Highlander 1
Russia 1r-sosat Open 6on6 0
Bulgaria DarkySp Low/Open 6on6 2
England [F2P] Rahmed Open 6on6 10
UnitedKingdom Joseph__ Prem 6on6 16
Finland Habina High/Mid 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom Mr_Scott Mid/Low Highlander 0
Israel smuzz Open 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom Blobchap Open 6on6 6
Netherlands Icze Open 6on6 1
Belgium viking Open 6on6 8
International Faust Mid 6on6 12
Poland Pikusiozaur Open Highlander 0
Ireland silves Prem/High 6on6 9
Denmark Dr. Phil Prem 6on6 2
Sweden hamaham Prem/High LAN Team 3
England cloudy High 6on6 1
England konr High/Mid 6on6 1
International DarkMetall Open 6on6 1
Belgium Adje Low 6on6 0
Germany Gazy Prem 6on6 1
England gilga High/Mid 6on6 6
UnitedStates Luigi High/Mid Highlander 1
UnitedStates hlasdf Mid/Low 6on6 0
France Glastry Prem/High 6on6 8
Russia pohlopok Mid/Low Fresh Meat 0
Poland mlodzier Mid/Low 6on6 0
Germany alisa Mid/Low 6on6 4
Georgia sandro Open Highlander 1
Denmark Mona Mid/Low 6on6 3
Germany Ignis Prem/High 6on6 0
Turkey pinky' Open 6on6 0
CzechRepublic Temp Mid/Low 6on6 0
Poland M_J_C Open 6on6 0
Poland T.J aka Kacperski75 Mid 6on6 2
International Stylax Mid LAN Team 0
International jonah Mid/Low 6on6 0
Norway eainja High/Mid 6on6 0
Russia Kicri Open 6on6 0
Portugal Fisherman Mamadu Mid 6on6 1
Russia ❤plum heart❤ Mid 6on6 0
Norway owy Low/Open 6on6 0
Italy Scrapper Open Highlander 3
Austria Defa Open Highlander 1
Poland anian Open 6on6 0
Poland zbys Low/Open Highlander 0
Russia poot Open Highlander 0