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  Name Classes Skill Type Date
UnitedKingdom frothybrew High 6on6 0
Sweden Cronk Open/Mid Highlander 5
Sweden GamerCat Mid/High Highlander 4
European d3lirious Open 6on6 6
Sweden frequent Mid 6on6 3
Netherlands ReiminkD Open/Mid Highlander 0
England Devon Mid 6on6 8
Netherlands Lord Kamina Mid/High Highlander 2
England duck Prem 6on6 1
Portugal Sn0w Open/Mid 6on6 1
Finland eLs Mid 6on6 9
Norway Arcades Open Highlander 19
Sweden lune High 6on6 8
Spain Albertt Mid 6on6 10
CzechRepublic Taihoo Mid 6on6 1
Finland Tombaaa Mid 6on6 2
UnitedKingdom yak Prem Highlander 3
Wales Funs High 6on6 17
Israel HateFielld Mid 6on6 11
Denmark Pot8o High/Prem 6on6 0
Poland Firein Mid Highlander 1
International Vosilon Open 6on6 0
France Pahpa High 6on6 3
Russia WRU Mid 6on6 29
Turkey pandemic Mid 6on6 10
England MsAnimator7 High Highlander 9
Finland Patonki_ Mid/High 6on6 7
Finland mttokki Open 6on6 7
Israel Tamir Open/Mid Highlander 7
England Bren Mid 6on6 14
France Dodgingthedodge High 6on6 15
Austria Raptor High/Prem 6on6 22
Russia Mr.Epic High 6on6 18
Russia ts High/Prem Highlander 0
Russia Emperor_Protect Mid 6on6 0
International Tobi Prem 6on6 3
England haiku Open/Mid 6on6 9
Latvia Timus the cat High 6on6 10
England Mac Open 6on6 2
European Aaron Mid 6on6 11
Ukraine Angel of Hell High 6on6 5
Italy Fenix High Highlander 15
England goldskies Mid/High 6on6 28
England Harry Open/Mid Highlander 2
France Elacour Mid/High 6on6 3
France [GLUc]Luaffyn52 Open/Mid 6on6 8
Scotland Cole Train Mid 6on6 0
Norway Kim Mid/High Highlander 6
Denmark tobs High 6on6 2
Macedonia Sentinel Mid 6on6 1
Ireland Kosuke Open/Mid Highlander 3
European Rockz7ar Mid 6on6 2
European Player Mid 6on6 2
UnitedKingdom Firefly Open/Mid Highlander 14
England AwditaS Open/Mid 6on6 10
European Vigl Mid 6on6 2
UnitedKingdom DarkSlayer Mid/High 6on6 2
Finland Hank Prem 6on6 10
International Dankest Booty Open 6on6 1
Lithuania Frawaires Open/Mid 6on6 0
Denmark wandumb Mid 6on6 16
England Diplomatt Open 6on6 4
UnitedKingdom Virtue Open 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom R.E.M. Mid/High 6on6 30
Germany e1ne High 6on6 3
Wales RTC Mid 6on6 3
Netherlands BC High/Prem Highlander 6
CzechRepublic stepanex Mid 6on6 20
Finland Apina Open/Mid 6on6 4
Finland Painis Open/Mid 6on6 4
Finland Treaty Open/Mid 6on6 2
CzechRepublic alohaalt Mid 6on6 13
Italy luvi Mid 6on6 2
Belarus Simple Guy Open/Mid 6on6 3
Romania Shampoo High 6on6 2
England teapot High 6on6 13
Finland olav Open 6on6 6
Russia N'ka Open/Mid Highlander 5
Estonia Popcorp Prem Highlander 5
England Maxi High 6on6 19
Netherlands Skyro Mid/High 6on6 7
European iatgink High 6on6 8
Germany ash High/Prem 6on6 4
Hungary Cameron Open 6on6 6
UnitedStates Lucatoni Open 6on6 4
England Dan High 6on6 12
International MrCupcake Mid 6on6 1
Germany n!k Mid/High 6on6 4
Russia Dvornik Open/Mid Highlander 7
Scotland greenrab High/Prem 6on6 14
International timmys Mid/High Highlander 1
Norway E-thug High/Prem 6on6 3
Finland Leagle_ High/Prem Highlander 18
Russia Charizard™ Open 6on6 3
Germany Ignis High 6on6 24
England Mould ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ High 6on6 18
England Aubriac Open 6on6 0
International CyTon dimention Open Highlander 0
UnitedKingdom Ashthedinosaur Open/Mid Highlander 2
Russia NIRO Open/Mid 6on6 0
Sweden ww Open 6on6 0
Sweden smultron High 6on6 1
Poland GaroK Open/Mid Highlander 0
Italy Phil Open Highlander 2
Sweden Bobinsky High 6on6 8
Croatia Pred Mid/High 6on6 13
Russia vice Mid/High Highlander 9
Finland HachuPachu Open 6on6 5
Netherlands Sqipperr Open 6on6 7
England Temrane Open 6on6 1
Australia multi Mid/High 6on6 1
International cricks Mid 6on6 1
France Lantak Mid/High 6on6 7
Denmark Sc0pe Mid Highlander 5
UnitedKingdom Xz Mid Highlander 14
BosniaHerzegovina BARA Mid 6on6 5
Lithuania Sprayer Mid/High 6on6 18
International Spectra Open/Mid Highlander 0
Germany fIRE Mid 6on6 10
France MoonsTer Open Highlander 0
Norway Olav Mid 6on6 11
Lithuania HightDetal Open/Mid 6on6 7
Portugal mya High 6on6 32
UnitedKingdom MusiCoolGamer Open/Mid Highlander 2
France Abso'Z Open 6on6 2
Israel xav3002 God's hand Open/Mid 6on6 0
Russia Nintendo Open/Mid 6on6 1
Finland Luikuri Mid/High 6on6 5
UnitedKingdom Shoosh High 6on6 21
Finland Julmuri Mid 6on6 3
Finland pelikOala Open/Mid 6on6 10
Finland Nitro Mid 6on6 2
England Bejcn High 6on6 2
International simpe Open/Mid 6on6 3
Scotland JohnnyVodka12 Open 6on6 0
Wales Matt High 6on6 0
France Olgha High 6on6 4
International MisplacedAnger.hac Open/Mid Highlander 0
European Skrt Open/Mid Highlander 1
Bulgaria RamboTimes Open/Mid Highlander 1
Italy Argus Mid/High Highlander 16
Poland wonder High/Prem 6on6 0
Georgia Scorpion High 6on6 33
Poland niestenkajPL Mid 6on6 2
Slovenia Klemun Mid 6on6 8
Germany Gazkoyn Open 6on6 0
International FoxDreams Open 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom Miles Open/Mid Highlander 0
Germany Alphaa Mid/High 6on6 2
Macedonia Henghast High/Prem 6on6 11
France Boulbiatch High 6on6 1
Finland LUCKEX Open/Mid 6on6 1
England Love <3 Open/Mid 6on6 1
Wales sel Mid/High 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom Crazy3k Open 6on6 5
International Mark_pixel Open/Mid Highlander 0
Israel itai(IL) Open 6on6 7
Germany Beckler Open/Mid 6on6 0
Slovenia matej Mid 6on6 2
England chasingshadows Open/Mid Highlander 13
England Boop Mid Highlander 0
England Apolo Open/Mid 6on6 1
France Exy High 6on6 3
Croatia Hallz Open 6on6 3
Italy Nemmi Open Highlander 0
Switzerland MIGHTY BURGER ツ High/Prem Highlander 8
Hungary O'men Mid Highlander 6
Belarus Exzo* Mid/High 6on6 2
Sweden Barca Open Highlander 0
Slovakia adysky High 6on6 16
Belgium Shpeeisme Mid 6on6 19
England Dukky. Mid 6on6 0
Russia pringelz Open/Mid 6on6 2
Sweden foz Open Highlander 1
Russia maksim619 Open Highlander 3
Turkey xoca Open/Mid 6on6 1
Italy radioactiveAsshole Open/Mid 6on6 2
Germany dReamyyy Open/Mid Highlander 0
Germany Lucifer Open Highlander 0
International TwiggyWan Kenobi Mid/High 6on6 10
England BochaN 13 :D Open 6on6 0
International ieatbogies Open/Mid Highlander 0
International Brian. :3 Open Highlander 0
Croatia Manky High 6on6 10
Finland Ropezki Open 6on6 3
UnitedKingdom Ben Mid 6on6 16
UnitedKingdom Maks High 6on6 14
Denmark Pendji Open/Mid 6on6 1
Turkey Stol Open/Mid 6on6 0
Russia Zinson Mid/High Highlander 5
Russia ° moonbeam Open/Mid 6on6 0
Poland mordcake Open 6on6 2
Russia BAAM Open/Mid 6on6 5
International Happysedits Open Highlander 0
England Galahad Open/Mid 6on6 0
CzechRepublic Mr. Shadow Open Highlander 0
Israel radfar Open/Mid Highlander 0
Estonia Frenchy Mid Highlander 3
CzechRepublic Martin Open/Mid Highlander 3
Finland Wuffa95 Open/Mid 6on6 0
UnitedStates takyon Mid/High 6on6 0
Ukraine Silent Open/Mid Highlander 0
UnitedStates Tripz Open Highlander 0
UnitedStates whymeo Mid/High 6on6 10
Latvia Clark High 6on6 11
International VdNp.. Mid/High 6on6 1
Netherlands RoyaleWithCheese Open/Mid Highlander 4
UnitedKingdom Loveclop Mid/High Highlander 4
Netherlands Mammoth Open/Mid 6on6 1
Latvia walters Mid/High 6on6 4
International slsh Open/Mid 6on6 0
Portugal KOG Open 6on6 0
Germany Rogue Mid/High 6on6 9
Sweden FEX Open Highlander 0
Denmark Scissors High 6on6 3
UnitedKingdom squirrel147 Mid/High 6on6 8
Slovakia Maros Mid/High 6on6 1
Germany Bloodyyy Prem Highlander 17
Sweden Snatch Open Highlander 1
UnitedKingdom Benja Mid 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom Zesty High 6on6 12
Romania tavi Mid/High 6on6 8
UnitedKingdom lor_is Mid 6on6 9
Norway synKas Mid/High 6on6 2
England Dolly High 6on6 31
Denmark SpArkly Open/Mid Highlander 2
Italy n1xx1 Open 6on6 0
Russia gregore181 Open/Mid Highlander 0
England iWithered Open Highlander 0
UnitedKingdom Hydra Open Highlander 0
UnitedKingdom Warped_Wolf Mid/High 6on6 7
International Sarpedius Open/Mid Highlander 0
Finland antares Mid 6on6 2
Netherlands griffie4 Open 6on6 4
European LavandulaWine Mid/High Highlander 0
Scotland fsidu Mid/High Highlander 6
Germany Lollipop Mid 6on6 2
Israel Ringo Mid/High 6on6 6
Finland TheDeadliestDuckling Open 6on6 1
Poland Karx Mid/High 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom noob Open/Mid 6on6 0
Poland Chooper Open 6on6 4
Finland Ankkaa Open 6on6 2
Norway fishyard Mid 6on6 12
UnitedKingdom Pikey_ Mid 6on6 0
Scotland testdummy Open 6on6 0
International QUEF Prem 6on6 1
Ireland Jasonavich Open/Mid 6on6 3
Wales Ysbryd Open Highlander 3
Poland thd552 Open 6on6 0
Germany ogaR High 6on6 0
Spain First_rush Mid 6on6 1
Germany Hesro Open 6on6 0
France iitoshiMK Mid Highlander 0
UnitedKingdom BinK High 6on6 34
International obli Open/Mid Highlander 0
Russia Deity Mid Highlander 2
Romania Bonzi Bonnie Prem 6on6 2
International nullifiedcat Open/Mid 6on6 0
France Puff Open Highlander 2
Latvia CitroMaind Mid 6on6 10
International Loli <3 Open 6on6 0
Russia Hisam Mid Highlander 0
International District892 Open 6on6 1
Spain sage Mid 6on6 6
Germany psy High 6on6 0
Macedonia scorcher Open/Mid 6on6 0
Netherlands DerpyGentleman Open/Mid Highlander 5
Russia kohzens Open Highlander 0
Russia MacElRoy High 6on6 0
France redou Mid 6on6 0
CzechRepublic ORTEN Mid/High Highlander 3
International Painted Open/Mid 6on6 0
International itai(IL) High 6on6 0
Greece -E- Open/Mid Highlander 0
European zaid Mid/High 6on6 0
Russia B. S. G. Open Highlander 0
Norway EmptyGamer Open Highlander 0
France IAMBenito Open 6on6 0
Finland bit333 Open/Mid Highlander 0
Russia Grader324 Open/Mid Highlander 0
Poland Chef Open Highlander 2
Italy Jees Open Highlander 0
Norway Vetleaks Open/Mid Highlander 1
International QueenLatifah Open Highlander 0
Norway Yxxo Mid Highlander 19
International Sky_Saber Mid 6on6 0
Netherlands Goppsster Mid/High Highlander 0
UnitedKingdom wiffle sniffler Open Highlander 1
Belgium Spelly High 6on6 0
Switzerland Reteras Open/Mid Highlander 0
Sweden Blomkvist Open/Mid 6on6 0
Finland Snape Mid 6on6 6
Serbia Cabbage Open/Mid 6on6 2
Germany Aaron Mid/High 6on6 0