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  Name Classes Skill Type Date
Belgium Cabbage Open/Mid 6on6 2
Lithuania ZERK Open 6on6 2
Russia RAMA Mid 6on6 2
Slovakia Dies Mid Highlander 9
Poland corben Mid/High 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom Pikey likes Soup Open 6on6 2
England Morphine High Highlander 30
Russia skippe Mid 6on6 3
Romania Robert O. Prem Highlander 5
Finland Marv High Highlander 9
UnitedKingdom Cat Open Highlander 1
UnitedKingdom HobNobs Prem 6on6 14
Italy reversePsychologist Open 6on6 3
Portugal 4hp High Highlander 11
Romania chernobog Mid/High Highlander 1
England Dowel Open/Mid Highlander 4
Russia S1nedrion High/Prem Highlander 18
Lithuania Fra.ger High 6on6 2
Sweden Kattenelvis Open 6on6 1
Sweden Collaide High 6on6 6
Russia MacElRoy High/Prem Highlander 0
Russia paradise.lost High/Prem Highlander 31
European SnwGG Open 6on6 0
Finland Leif High Highlander 13
UnitedKingdom nicerafi Open/Mid Highlander 2
UnitedKingdom IrKirby Open 6on6 1
Italy dkt Mid Highlander 4
Germany Brandora Open 6on6 0
BosniaHerzegovina .. Open 6on6 0
Italy Tocco Open Highlander 15
Italy House Open/Mid Highlander 2
Italy A Very Random Cisco Open Highlander 1
Italy Simply™ Bob™ High/Prem Highlander 15
Switzerland Homer High 6on6 27
Finland Kylähullu High/Prem Highlander 31
Norway Pistolvania High/Prem Highlander 6
Finland Skete Mid 6on6 7
Croatia Manky Mid/High 6on6 8
CzechRepublic TooM Open/Mid 6on6 1
Finland dissy Prem Highlander 26
Croatia Kothcljib Open Highlander 0
UnitedStates screwb High/Prem 6on6 1
Romania Scout Open 6on6 0
Spain Kimbo Open 6on6 0
Slovakia Blackfire62 Mid 6on6 0
Brazil CIz0r Open 6on6 0
Finland iikq High 6on6 16
Finland tonmas High/Prem 6on6 19
England chasingshadows Open/Mid Highlander 8
Russia guru Mid 6on6 0
Brazil pink Mid/High Highlander 0
Netherlands BC Open/Mid 6on6 1
England Dezamonkey Open Highlander 0
Finland tbag188 Open Highlander 0
England Atomic Duck Mid/High Highlander 0
Norway Arcades High Highlander 0
Russia vice Mid/High Highlander 4
UnitedKingdom Chandos Mid/High Highlander 21
Denmark Fizz High Highlander 3
Poland Manus9696 Mid 6on6 2
Germany Chime Mid Highlander 17
Israel f0rk Mid 6on6 13
England Mould ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Prem 6on6 3
Italy rockie Prem 6on6 10
UnitedKingdom Xz Open/Mid 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom oodles High/Prem Highlander 25
Russia donniY l Что ес Open Highlander 6
Russia vH Open Highlander 1
England Diesel Mid 6on6 0
England Maxi High Highlander 9
Belarus Exzo* Mid 6on6 5
European inuit High Highlander 11
Italy Vitto Mid 6on6 10
Germany Drizzel Mid Highlander 0
Russia SpiRiT Prem Highlander 8
Russia Murzack Open 6on6 1
Russia Zeluboba Open/Mid Highlander 11
Austria Chris_Killer Open Highlander 1
England jhicko Open/Mid 6on6 1
Finland mttokki Open/Mid 6on6 8
Russia shoras Mid 6on6 4
Italy Fenix Mid/High Highlander 8
Luxembourg Zweistein Open/Mid 6on6 0
England gouldie Mid 6on6 4
Belgium Shpeeisme Mid Highlander 0
England Will Mid/High Highlander 4
UnitedKingdom Puggerugger Open/Mid 6on6 1
Russia Sufir Open/Mid Highlander 0
Italy BeS High Highlander 5
France Speedead Mid/High 6on6 4
UnitedKingdom Edg Mid 6on6 5
UnitedKingdom Hake Mid Highlander 0
Denmark Tritone High/Prem Highlander 7
Finland Bloodis Mid 6on6 7
Spain So||o Wo|o Mid/High 6on6 3
England SeeFut Open/Mid 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom DingdongJR Open/Mid Highlander 0
Israel Zoop Mid Highlander 23
BosniaHerzegovina HBFS High Highlander 0
Estonia Popcorp Prem Highlander 26
Ukraine Detoed. High/Prem Highlander 5
Finland Anzki Open/Mid 6on6 0
Latvia Team Strike: Fortres Open Highlander 5
International MadS Prem Highlander 3
Estonia Henn Rebane Open/Mid 6on6 3
Portugal Skate Mid 6on6 2
International Breton Prem Highlander 5
Switzerland novvy Open 6on6 0
International Andy Open 6on6 1
Russia zorg Mid 6on6 0
England Diplomatt Open/Mid Highlander 3
European iatgink High 6on6 17
Poland CharlieFine Open/Mid 6on6 4
Germany Steakie High Highlander 4
England Stitzy High Highlander 3
Germany .goof Mid Highlander 5
Georgia Bery High 6on6 9
Croatia Mario Open Highlander 3
Romania robbyyt Mid Highlander 1
England Gregoravich High Highlander 11
Finland junnu Mid/High 6on6 4
Israel dima Prem Highlander 23
Germany Captain Jenny Mid Highlander 3
Belgium gielewiel9 Open/Mid Highlander 16
France Abso'Z Open/Mid 6on6 2
Russia alon3inh3ll Mid 6on6 2
UnitedKingdom BoneSponge High 6on6 5
International PirateLight Mid/High Highlander 1
UnitedKingdom xquess Open 6on6 0
Poland pablo Prem 6on6 22
Poland Ma$TeR KilleR Mid/High Highlander 2
Italy pierzzz- High/Prem 6on6 10
UnitedKingdom BinK Mid Highlander 4
Poland Shiz3r Mid Highlander 1
Poland yang Mid Highlander 3
France Olgha Mid/High 6on6 9
Russia Pstric Open 6on6 4
Netherlands Skyro Mid/High 6on6 1
Denmark fonexia High 6on6 14
England Included_Middle Open/Mid 6on6 9
Hungary blackstar36 Mid 6on6 3
Switzerland MIGHTY BURGER ツ High/Prem Highlander 17
Russia Ebanider High/Prem 6on6 0
International churiso Prem 2on2 1
Norway inari Mid/High Highlander 14
Germany Profix Mid 6on6 0
Denmark tobs High 6on6 5
CzechRepublic NoobK Mid/High Highlander 6
Russia SunQ Open 6on6 0
Ukraine mwch Open 6on6 0
Lithuania Sprayer Mid/High 6on6 8
Spain Gek Mid 6on6 5
International ShinX Open 6on6 0
Ireland CorDs_ Open Highlander 0
UnitedKingdom Syrup Open/Mid 6on6 3
Finland Kumimarja High/Prem Highlander 19
France Haxydro Mid Highlander 1
Germany BAX Open/Mid 6on6 7
Germany psy High 6on6 1
Finland LUCKEX Mid/High Highlander 4
Norway Pocket Plums Mid/High 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom prof Open 6on6 4
Germany Yoshi is good Mid Highlander 3
Belgium Synrise High Highlander 7
France Pierrot Open/Mid 6on6 1
Netherlands SiTeHBu0mbb Open/Mid 6on6 10
Russia I-No Mid/High Highlander 1
Ukraine mcfucker Mid 6on6 2
Russia Jack High/Prem Highlander 9
Germany ogaR High 6on6 1
Finland Muuki Prem Highlander 5
England Harry Open/Mid Highlander 0
Lithuania Just1s High/Prem Highlander 9
UnitedKingdom Pennyfarming High 6on6 3
Spain Morgus High 6on6 6
Ireland Phrozen Open 6on6 1
International Cobra041 Open/Mid Highlander 3
England pisshead Open 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom yak Mid/High Highlander 17
Iceland CondoM Prem 6on6 18
Russia The_Sunshine Open 6on6 0
Estonia foxpower Open 6on6 2
UnitedKingdom Honey Badger High Highlander 16
Croatia Foot Mid Highlander 12
Finland pelikOala Open 6on6 0
Norway Pozepi Mid Highlander 0
Finland neo High/Prem 6on6 9
Finland Ziggy Stardust Mid/High 6on6 2
Bulgaria Lupus Prem 6on6 3
France Crαsh Mid 6on6 4
Germany TafelBroetchen Open/Mid Highlander 4
England Phrenic High 6on6 4
Finland MatteX High/Prem Highlander 19
International PIXEL Open/Mid 6on6 0
International hindu Mid/High Highlander 2
Finland ksg Mid 6on6 5
Italy Cagnaccio Mid Highlander 4
England sweepingshaun Mid/High 6on6 0
England Dan Mid/High Highlander 1
Italy Argus Open Highlander 4
England Closo High Highlander 1
Scotland rauss Open 6on6 3
UnitedKingdom nan$slayer_69 Prem 6on6 15
Russia Goodly Open Highlander 0
Russia BENDER Open/Mid Highlander 0
International Amik High 6on6 15
France Cupcake Open/Mid 6on6 3
International Tynk Open/Mid Highlander 6
Turkey xoca Open/Mid Highlander 0
Austria Aven_ Mid Highlander 1
Turkey DereK Open/Mid 6on6 4
Canada LeatherNeck Mid/High 6on6 1
Portugal OGFM Mid Highlander 1
European Mr.Ultimate Open 6on6 0
Italy dr.tamagini Open/Mid Highlander 2
Slovakia Ace Open Highlander 0
Finland juju High/Prem Highlander 10
Estonia Hentzi Mid 6on6 5
UnitedKingdom daqqs Mid/High Highlander 2
Russia Zinson High 6on6 0
France Gemm Open/Mid 6on6 0
Norway Erlend Mid/High Highlander 21
Russia fat0n High 6on6 2
International Max Mid Highlander 3
Germany EarlDragon Open/Mid 6on6 0
International Ryder Mid 6on6 0
Netherlands [W.P]SexSlave Open/Mid 6on6 0
Portugal ShailsTDS [PT] Open 6on6 0
Bulgaria tim. Mid Highlander 2
UnitedKingdom Sukai The Hound Open Highlander 0
Wales Shooblue Open 6on6 1
Russia Meaff Open 6on6 2
Wales Sneaky! Mid/High Highlander 15
Russia olBaa Open/Mid 6on6 11
International Seek Open Highlander 0
Russia .is Open/Mid Highlander 1
England Apolo Open/Mid 6on6 3
Ukraine marcus_fancy Open/Mid 6on6 1
France spirituu Open/Mid 6on6 0
Russia empish Open/Mid 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom Convert Open Highlander 3
Germany Blue Energy Open Highlander 6
Macedonia MikiZhivkov Mid Highlander 0
Sweden smultron High 6on6 6
Slovakia ZwOrX Mid Highlander 0
UnitedKingdom Casanova Mid/High 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom Casanova Mid/High 6on6 0
International Nickybox Open/Mid 6on6 0
Germany Lucifer Open Highlander 0
Portugal v.pERSIE// Open 6on6 5
Germany D! Mid/High 6on6 4
Wales RTC Open/Mid Highlander 9
International Muddy Cloud Open Highlander 0
International Skeleton21 Open/Mid 6on6 0
UnitedKingdom Hayes Open/Mid Highlander 0
Poland Graba High/Prem 6on6 8
Poland Doman™ Open Highlander 1
UnitedKingdom Quack Open/Mid 6on6 1
European Fuddles Mid 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom Coopxr High/Prem Highlander 9
International lawrj374 Mid Highlander 0
International MAH SAVIOR Open/Mid 6on6 0
International Sweatio Mid 6on6 2
Poland Olo High/Prem 6on6 7
England w1nter Open Highlander 0
Germany Elm0 Open 6on6 2
Italy fantastictobey Mid Highlander 6
France Elacour Mid 6on6 0
Germany egoran09 Open Highlander 0
Norway synKas Mid 6on6 2
International Alfie Mid/High Highlander 4
Germany froggie Mid/High Highlander 4
Germany Conzept123 Open 6on6 0
Ukraine dreda Open/Mid 6on6 2
Russia Parallax Mid Highlander 3
England mangoo Mid 6on6 6
Portugal WildPiggie Mid/High 6on6 0
Netherlands SkilledSkull Open Highlander 0
France Zenglish Open/Mid Highlander 0
International jwhedge Open 6on6 2
Austria SaharenSpy Open Highlander 3
Germany TheTrippleM Open/Mid Highlander 0
Ireland Kosuke Open/Mid Highlander 2
International Pomidor Open/Mid Highlander 0
Bulgaria Kudri4koBG Mid Highlander 0
UnitedKingdom StarGlare Open Highlander 0
England Carlotso25 Mid/High 6on6 3
International SoRa Open 6on6 2
England Ecco Open 6on6 0
Austria Marlor Open/Mid 6on6 1
International DaniigaSmert Open/Mid Highlander 4
International imelman Open/Mid 6on6 0
Sweden Bumpy Worse Open 6on6 0
Italy Zenik Open 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom B4ro Open/Mid 6on6 0
Lithuania VairasVairuotojas Open Highlander 2
International Porter Open Highlander 2
European Umshini Wam High 6on6 0
England ISpotnikz Mid 6on6 0
Scotland fsidu Mid/High Highlander 1
Ukraine Klifff Open Highlander 1
Russia AnTikiJIJIep Mid 6on6 1
UnitedKingdom Bloo Open 6on6 1
Finland Made Mid/High 6on6 0
Finland SuperKarhunen Mid 6on6 1
Finland TryHard Open Highlander 0
England IsseiD Open 6on6 1
Latvia wizard Open Highlander 0
Spain DShK Open 6on6 1
UnitedStates CamRudWaffle Mid/High Highlander 0