Season 4

Division 5b

Week 8

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Tommy (Entropy Team)



4 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]



2 - 5

[Screenshots: A ]

France XCalibur vs Italy Entropy Team
3 - 3

SteamID Screenshots: A B


XCalibur (8) FluFFy, X/C² AnderS, woland, spartan, Mr Humour, wolfyer, SaNch3Z, PiPo
Entropy Team (7) pacomo, Tommy, Jocker, Cla, Gian, Dan, fear887


  1. Tommy: MILANO said:

    Sorry Anderson, why you have fixed this date for the match? None contactecd us and we can’t play on that date; this goes against the regulation and is not a correct behavior

    2.2 Every League Match has to be scheduled and entered to the Calendar
    Every team is supposed to contact their opponents’ team leaders to schedule their league match. After a match is scheduled, one team leader will have to enter it at our League Calendar

    We refuse that date.

  2. Tommy: MILANO said:

    We can play wednesday march 11th at 21.00 CET

  3. *=X_C=* AnderSon: XC² said:

    Hello, sorry but like i have said to you’r friend, i’ll try so much time to propose you a date, but no answers…

    You propose 11th but we must play in the week 8 Week commencing March 2, 2009, and finished March,8, 2009, so 11th is not possible for us sorry.

    We can play March 2,3,4,5 monday tuesday wenesday and thusday… Give me rapidly you’r answer plz :p ++

  4. Tommy: MILANO said:

    Hi Anderson, sorry but I don’t know which contact you tried but if you used the match page, steam, e-mail or our site surely an answer should be given (our war arranger Jocker is online on steam all the day); the only way we don’t use too much is irc and usally there we are only a couple of hours in the evening.
    Anyway, match for Week 8 must be fixed before Sunday March 8th but can be played until Sunday March 15th (Season 4 official rules), so why not 11th? Eventually I can check my mates if they are free for March 2nd (even if a little early for us) but the other dates proposed are not possible for us because we have roster problem every Tuesday and Thursday and Wednesday 4th we have a match already scheduled.
    We can give a sure answer today in the afternoon.

  5. Tommy: MILANO said:

    Ok, next week we can play monday 2th at 21.00 CET

  6. *=X_C=* AnderSon: XC² said:

    OKay, i think it’s good for us 2th , i give you an answer tomoroow

  7. fear887: entropy said:

    gg guys, nice match :)

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