Season 4

Division 4d

Week 3

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by LukeStarkiller (The Smash Project)

This match does not count as one of the teams dropped from this competition.



4 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]



3 - 2

[Screenshots: A ]

Turkey The Smash Project vs Germany Trick17
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Trick17 (6) cold fire, 4ltair, black, Sensenmann, Wolv, amigol
The Smash Project (6) ForzaEagLE, dg, LukeStarkiller, Adiemus, fle., hydramarine


  1. LukeStarkiller said:

    Hi guys

    Chekc your pings here

    Password: spwar


  2. Sensenmann said:

    hey sunday is ok but can we play at 20:00 cet. a player from us it is to late

  3. Sensenmann said:

    i had a ping of 35 on your server
    check this
    1) -> pw: eslwar
    2) -> pw: eslwar

  4. LukeStarkiller said:

    I’m getting 90-110 ms on your servers. 35 ms is really good for you to play as we are getting 80-90 ms on our server it’s fair to play on UK server.

    Maybe we can make it 20:30 cet coz our connections at Turkey might be bad at around 20:00 cet.

  5. Sensenmann said:

    k thats be ok

  6. LukeStarkiller said:

    gg and wp despite our high pings and timing outs on your server. And “thanks” for your insult in your own language. It’s good to see “nice” players like you in tf2 scene.

  7. Wolv: ScS| said:

    Eventhough I had nothing to do with all that, I am deeply sorry for my mates.
    Regarding the ping issue, it seems you had more benefits from it then us, seeming you were shooting through walls and around edges. Simply because from your view you we’re lagging behind with all frames.

    What did annoy me very much, and just as last match. I cant figure out who did it or how it happend:
    We aggreed an 20:30 for the match to start, yet soemhow this page still shows 21:00

    I’m really confused by all that, since the rules dont really say anything about alterations in the time and date of a match.

    That your server timed out (?!) was unfortunate and without it, it would have been a much more pleasant match for the both of us.


  8. Bl4cK: trick17 - trick17 said:

    regarding what one of us said in our language, i can just point out that when we started the second map, one of your players posted a long turkish sentence, which could have meant everything.

    so don´t go on about that thing.

  9. LukeStarkiller said:

    We got the benefit of high pings? We are all lagging around and at least i’m entering long lag spikes every minute. You cant say that we are getting benefits without knowing our connection and playing conditions. The game was fully crap for us and we wish we had nice pings. Because we know what we are capable of with quality connections ;)

    About the second issue. We first scheduled the game for 21:00 cet and then i couldnt change it from the website for 20:30, but you didnt change it aswell. It’s a bug i guess.

    @ Bl4cK: It was a mistake. My friend was telling me the reason of one his mistakes at the previous map. You had a time to warn us there, and you possibly would get the explanation and an excuse. But it’s not nice to insult people with their nationalities or cultures at the end of the game. I just wanted to state this on my previous comment to remind one of the good things of online gaming is making friends worldwide, not hostiles.

    Anyway good game.

  10. LukeStarkiller said: Here is the pov demo of the player fle. He was not able to take the demo from badlands. (He timed out and dropped from the server on fastlane btw) Because he was getting lag spikes and continously bugging (record demo/ stop demo stuff) I talked to the admin and he understood this situation =)

    Player dg (deception genesis) is gonna upload his pov demos as well.

    By the way I wont request any demo from my opponents as they fight with all costs and last drop of their blood. But i might upload the screenies of their insult and request the “must do” in this situation.

    Anyway, well played guys.. Good luck on further matches.

  11. LukeStarkiller said:

    POV demo of the player deception (d.g.)

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