ETF2L 4th Cup

Round 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by AAL (P3T3R)



2 - 0

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8 - 0

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Germany P3T3R vs Sweden klan:adjektiv
2 - 0


  1. AAL: TaR said:

    hey guys. we can play monday, wednesday and sunday at 20pm CET
    how about you?

  2. reCon said:

    elpedro in Steam “Last Online: 71 days ago”… Team dropped?

  3. sajh: [j]\\\' - [j]' said:

    hmm, elpedro probably just havent added you or such as I see him online every day :)

    However I do believe eXhale might be down, I’ll hunt them down for you tonight.

  4. elpedro said:

    Hi there mates, sorry for the delay I have had much to do the last week, sorry for that!
    maybe we can take this match sunday at 2100 CET.

    Three of our players have dropped from the team so we hunt for players untill then, is the date ok with you guys?

    Best regards

  5. reCon said:

    hmm 21:00 is a bit to late… Can we start at 20:00? It´s better for us…

  6. elpedro said:

    Yea that’s should be fine I think, add me(elpedro) on steam and we talk further there.

    best regards

  7. AAL: TaR said:

    We’ve added you but you’re not accepting :P. So your date is Sunday the 16th at 20CET? That is ok with us, so let’s enter that date.

  8. elpedro said:

    You have scheduled this match NOT with my permission, I said we could talk further on steam and now I did accept ypu, i have a work you know.

    This is not the date, I said we talk about the date further another day because we have three players short and some players on the way in as we speak, But you cant add a date without talk to us.

  9. elpedro said:

    This issue is already done with, Lets play the match if we got the palyers for that date else we change the date again, cio guys!

    best regards

  10. AAL: TaR said:

    how is your ping on our server?

  11. AAL: TaR said:
    pw exhale

  12. reCon said:

    gg, well played!

  13. deeznuts said:

    gg wp

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