Season 33: Low Playoffs

Quarter Finals

Round commencing: -

Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by HopelessFerret (U.B.)



1 - 0 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A B ]



1 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]

European U.B. vs Mongolia Buff Correll's Buff Boys
6 - 0

SourceTV: connect; password tv

SteamID Screenshots: A B


U.B. (4) Dynamix, kcr, Divine, HopelessFerret
Buff Correll's Buff Boys (6) Buck824, Greasy Owen, Vinni, WE1RD0, El chippo, sy S
Unrostered (2) Alg, fnk


  1. ETF2L Staff said:

    Welcome to the Season 33 Low Quarter Finals!

    This match will be played as a best-of-three.

    Maps will be decided using the following Map Elimination System:

    Team A bans a map
    Team B bans a map
    Team A bans a map
    Team B bans a map
    Team B picks 1st map
    Team A picks 2nd map
    U.B. picks 3rd map

    As the higher seed U.B. can decide if they want to begin the pick/ban as “Team A” or if Buff Correll’s Buff Boys have to.

    Good luck for both teams!

  2. Kiwi: Commiefun said:

    I have to congratulate the buff borgars for cucking the sex team.

  3. kcr: ^ - FJB said:

    sex time !!!

  4. HopelessFerret: ^ - FJB said:

    Buff Correll’s Buff Boys: Team A
    U.B.: Team B

    A banned: Prolands
    B banned: Snakewater
    A banned: Logjam
    B banned: Sunshine

    B picked: Process
    A picked: Granary

    U.B. picked as decider: Gulluwash

  5. kcr: ^ - FJB said:


  6. HopelessFerret: ^ - FJB said:

    Gulluwash is my city

  7. HopelessFerret: ^ - FJB said:

    Our opponents accepted as a merc.

  8. HopelessFerret: ^ - FJB said:

    Our opponents accepted as a merc.

  9. HopelessFerret: ^ - FJB said:

    Our opponents accepted as a merc.

  10. Ryan: ~~~ said:

    rip 3 mercs

  11. duckers: chumtoad. - KAAS said:

    yo ask me to merc -___-

  12. oben: !add 4 said:

    Send stv connect please.

  13. HopelessFerret: ^ - FJB said:


  14. Greasy Owen: BCBB said:

    any gamers streaming? :^)

  15. Ryan: ~~~ said:

    mix wins these !!!!

  16. Divine: (ETF2L Donator) - mwahl said:


  17. HopelessFerret: ^ - FJB said:


  18. kcr: ^ - FJB said:

    may have fallen asleep but gg

  19. HopelessFerret: ^ - FJB said:

    Process GC:

  20. Ryan: ~~~ said:

    ha ha ha :)

  21. nagle: bugger - Wow, swag said:

    unlucky match result guys!

  22. snegir: ᴏғᴏ said:


  23. snegir: ᴏғᴏ said:

    demo request?

  24. I stole your bees.: (honey daddy) - officer - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    wtf why did my friends lose?!?!?!?!?!?!!

  25. grix: Duplo - KANKERBOYS said:

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