Highlander Season 16: Top Tiers

Div 1

Grand Final

Round commencing: -

Schedule deadline: | Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Pahan (kiti s bakenbardami)



2 - 0

[Screenshots: A B ]



1 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]



3 - 2 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A B ]

Russia kiti s bakenbardami vs Uganda Ugandan Pizza Police
5 - 4

SteamID Screenshots: A


kiti s bakenbardami (9) Abibas, Pahan, Lightclaw, Crime [ALTFS], fnzkie, Meaff, Boshy [ALTFS], pozker, ts
Ugandan Pizza Police (9) fundo, 31, Nebula, Kosuke, яeS, Jusa, redwood, Sebastianey, shadyr


  1. ETF2L Staff said:

    Welcome to the Highlander Season 16 Division 1 Grand Final!

    This match will be played as a best-of-three.

    Maps will be decided using the following Map Elimination System:

    Team A bans a map
    Team B bans a map
    Team B picks 1st map
    Team A picks 2nd map
    kiti s bakenbardami picks 3rd map

    As the higher seed kiti s bakenbardami can decide if they want to begin the pick/ban as “Team A” or if Ugandan Pizza Police have to.

    Good luck to both teams!

  2. Mr British: Yikes - ƘƛƝƘЄƦƁOƳƧ said:

    I’m conflicted. I want a first place medal, but my collection of rosterridden second place medals needs to grow.

  3. Magistr: ᵧaᴸʟₐʜ - ƘƛƝƘЄƦƁOƳƧ said:

    ez for fnzkie

  4. MoreBuckets!: NW said:


  5. mezzo: nufcZONE - :) said:

    cast? :o

  6. Adje: :) said:

    easy for lightclaw + 8

  7. Magistr: ᵧaᴸʟₐʜ - ƘƛƝƘЄƦƁOƳƧ said:

    you mean milk + 8

  8. Wild_Piggie: SHADYR - PEDO said:

    Grândola, vila morena
    Terra da fraternidade
    O povo é quem mais ordena
    Dentro de ti, ó cidade

    Dentro de ti, ó cidade
    O povo é quem mais ordena
    Terra da fraternidade
    Grândola, vila morena

    Em cada esquina, um amigo
    Em cada rosto, igualdade
    Grândola, vila morena
    Terra da fraternidade

    Terra da fraternidade
    Grândola, vila morena
    Em cada rosto, igualdade
    O povo é quem mais ordena

    À sombra duma azinheira
    Que já não sabia a idade
    Jurei ter por companheira
    Grândola, a tua vontade

    Grândola a tua vontade
    Jurei ter por companheira
    À sombra duma azinheira
    Que já não sabia a idade

  9. nenastoyashee: kiti said:

    удачи на даче

  10. Magistr: ᵧaᴸʟₐʜ - ƘƛƝƘЄƦƁOƳƧ said:

    щит щит щит щит

  11. Included_Middle: nufcZONE - :) said:

    that’s a funny way of spelling pozker + 8

  12. MoreBuckets!: NW said:

    pls cast GO PIZZA

  13. Wiethoofd: (Newswriter) - LvG - regretful said:

    This will be casted on KritzKast

  14. Crime [ALTFS]: ZGDUHD - kiti said:


  15. Crime [ALTFS]: ZGDUHD - kiti said:

    Badwater, product, gully decider

  16. evrbd [ALTFS]: ZGDUHD - kiti said:

    redwood: Ban upward
    thanks for the 1st place medal, much appreciated

  17. deli: apt - inv said:

    gg redwood

  18. Boshy [ALTFS]: ZGDUHD - kiti said:


  19. ddf: BaB - KOTH said:

    redwood: xD

  20. evrbd [ALTFS]: ZGDUHD - kiti said:

    losing to abibas twice in one season HEH

  21. Pahan: ZGDUHD - kiti said:

    badwater 1 – https://logs.tf/2115949
    badwater 2 – https://logs.tf/2115967
    product – https://logs.tf/2116002
    gully – https://logs.tf/2116030
    gully gc – https://logs.tf/2116034
    combined – https://logs.tf/2116037

  22. Magistr: ᵧaᴸʟₐʜ - ƘƛƝƘЄƦƁOƳƧ said:

    redwood i’ve alreay told u before the match that u lost haha, good luck

  23. Mr British: Yikes - ƘƛƝƘЄƦƁOƳƧ said:

    Combined, as Pahan posted: http://logs.tf/2116037

  24. juju: TBA - ʕ ᓀ ᴥ ᓂ ʔ said:

    rekdwood still not carried to prem? ayylamao

  25. Havok: NUKE - Carlsberg said:

    rip solos dreams

  26. narkkari: Compound said:

    congratulations kiti

  27. Maccy said:

    you let a bunch of ruskies win high??

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