Season 30: Low Playoffs


Round commencing: -

Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by narkkari (ЦИРК УРОДОВ)



5 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]



4 - 6

[Screenshots: N\A ]



6 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]

Russia ЦИРК УРОДОВ vs European Spy Boys
6 - 3

SteamID Screenshots: A


ЦИРК УРОДОВ (5) pluxa, milka, narkkari, youngdie, AUTOKRAB
Spy Boys (6) Biohazard, Deki, Elsbeth, Lowenzahn, LilCute, dempsey
Unrostered (1) skq


  1. ETF2L Staff said:

    Welcome to the Season 30 Low Semi-Finals!

    This match will be played as a best-of-three.

    Maps will be decided using the following Map Elimination System:

    Team A bans a map
    Team B bans a map
    Team B picks 1st map
    Team A picks 2nd map
    ЦИРК УРОДОВ picks 3rd map

    As the higher seed ЦИРК УРОДОВ can decide if they want to begin the pick/ban as “Team A” or if Spy Boys have to.

    Good luck for both teams!

  2. joe the brave: (Newswriter) said:

    uh oh………..! :)

  3. Blanc: JWB. - hlpugs said:

    ez for narkkari

  4. utka: _____iwate said:

    19:00 – lilcute: we ban granary
    19:00 – (SB) ЖОПИС: ban process
    19:00 – (SB) ЖОПИС: pick gullywash
    19:01 – lilcute: we pick cardinal
    19:01 – (SB) ЖОПИС: pick badlands

  5. pwanda: CMPD - EDO said:

    narkkari to pound

  6. narkkari: VR said:

  7. croix: _____iwate - VR said:


  8. narkkari: VR said:

    Deki: they accept

  9. narkkari: VR said:

    BlessRNG loch n low BlessRNG
    in pipes i trust

  10. Ironhawk: PORG - HONK! said:

    Dempsey goes pew pew, enemy goes ouch ouch. Good luck Spy Boys!

  11. dima said:

    “OfFicIAL” cast:

  12. Divine: (ETF2L Donator) - geezer - MUUMIT said:

    give stv plox :)

  13. narkkari: VR said:

    connect; password tv

  14. Divine: (ETF2L Donator) - geezer - MUUMIT said:

    many thanks :)

  15. narkkari: VR said:

    gullywash –
    cardinal –
    prolands –

  16. dempsey: woofwoof - -SA- said:

    I didn’t pew pew hard enough

  17. joe the brave: (Newswriter) said:

    gl in finals gamers

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