Season 29: Main Tiers


Week 7

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Date Scheduled:
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by Hyipr (Underage Wizards United)



0 - 5

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0 - 3

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European Monika did nothing wrong vs European Underage Wizards United
0 - 6

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Underage Wizards United (5) Nick, Fayde, Pecklesteiner, Hyipr, tmg_
Monika did nothing wrong (6) Shadu, Austin, JWB, NioH, Pterodactyl7, Hyper
Unrostered (1) Greemu


  1. Default Date said:

    A default date has been set for this match by ETF2L.
    The default date is: Thursday, 15 March 2018, 19:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.
    If the default date does not suit you, please contact your opponent and ask them to reschedule.

  2. JWB: ZENGURT said:

    Monika’s Wrath: can we use him?
    robo: class
    Monika’s Wrath: med
    robo: no
    Monika’s Wrath: what about if he played scout?
    robo: okay
    Monika’s Wrath: thx

  3. JWB: ZENGURT said:

    UWU Pecklesteiner: we need to ask if a merc is fine
    shadu is bad, i beat him in mge: go ahead
    UWU Pecklesteiner:
    UWU Pecklesteiner:
    shadu is bad, i beat him in mge: only if we can have on med if our med has to go (your leader previously approved him on the condition that he plays scout)
    UWU Pecklesteiner: yeah no problem
    shadu is bad, i beat him in mge: ok thx

  4. JWB: ZENGURT said:

    shadu is bad, i beat him in mge: ok thx
    UWU Pecklesteiner: I’m not leader but our leader isn’t playing today
    UWU Pecklesteiner: so, I assume it’s ok for me to make the decision
    UWU Pecklesteiner: I can ask him if it makes you more happy
    shadu is bad, i beat him in mge: i dont mind, as long as hes approved
    UWU Pecklesteiner: lemme talk to the leader
    shadu is bad, i beat him in mge: if it makes you more happy to not feel as tho youve defied your leader sure
    UWU Pecklesteiner: haha
    UWU Pecklesteiner: I’m talking to him rn
    UWU Pecklesteiner: yeah he says no
    UWU Pecklesteiner: so, that’s a no I guess
    UWU Pecklesteiner: I’d say yes lol
    UWU Pecklesteiner: why tho
    UWU Pecklesteiner: greemu’s open what’s your deal
    shadu is bad, i beat him in mge: if we cant have our merc then i dont feel inclined to let you have yours :/
    UWU Pecklesteiner: aight
    shadu is bad, i beat him in mge: im sorry that its going to affect you and not your leader tho
    UWU Pecklesteiner: it’s fine. robo is coming
    shadu is bad, i beat him in mge: so you wont need a merc?
    UWU Pecklesteiner: yeah robo can play
    UWU Pecklesteiner: he just didn’twant tpo
    UWU Pecklesteiner: he’s sick
    UWU Pecklesteiner: didn’t want to*
    UWU Pecklesteiner: sick as in ill

  5. therealslimswayze: McV - [MB] said:

    19:20 – swayze: dont be a prick
    19:21 – swayze: let me merc
    19:21 – Austin: I am
    19:21 – swayze: why cant I merc?
    19:21 – Austin: You aint mercing
    19:21 – Austin: cuz you to god
    19:21 – swayze: I’ve never played above open
    19:21 – Austin: good
    19:21 – swayze: how can I be too good?
    19:21 – Austin: your a to good med
    19:21 – swayze: yeah but Im on Medic, so its not as if Im going to make much of a difference to a match as a Scout or Solly merc would
    19:22 – Austin: Greemu is going to merc medic
    19:23 – swayze: your team is retarded
    19:24 – Austin: i know
    19:24 – swayze: is it just you saying I cant merc or has your team agreed to not let me merc?
    19:24 – Austin: agreed
    19:24 – swayze: what were they all saying?
    19:24 – swayze: is it just because I’ve played like 4-5 seasons of 6s?
    19:25 – Austin: Well me and shadu said he’s a good medic
    19:25 – swayze: I only have 1 season on Medic
    19:25 – swayze: 4 of them are on Scout
    19:25 – swayze: most of my Medic experience has been in lobbies

    I was quite rude here but I think it was quite unfair that I didn’t get to merc ;-;

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