Highlander Nations Cup #5: Playoffs

Round 1

Round commencing: -

Schedule deadline: | Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by ETF2L Staff



3 - 0

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2 - 0

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Belgium Belgium vs Ukraine Ukraine
6 - 0

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Ukraine (9) Moonlight Shadow, underscore, Dnepr, narkkari, Ihor, GunroX, Boshy [ALTFS], mukuEmpty, Detoed.
Belgium (9) Adje, Sacrilege, .zero, Chemistry Cat, Spelly, bonobo, 009EFF, Aoshi, Synrise


  1. Aoshi: (Head Admin) - PrettyGay - m a s o n said:

    Sunday looking the best followed by friday

  2. narkkari: Brexit - VR said:

    weebs rigging the league

  3. Aoshi: (Head Admin) - PrettyGay - m a s o n said:

    13:58 – Aoshi | ETF2L.org: I’ll start then, I ban gully
    13:58 – ihor: we ban steel
    14:00 – ihor: we pick prod
    14:00 – Aoshi | ETF2L.org: we pick upward
    14:00 – Aoshi | ETF2L.org: so badwater decider

  4. sasami: ERCAPITANO - VR said:

    narkkari is gonna stomp all of you

  5. narkkari: Brexit - VR said:


  6. cantar: kaban - EDO said:

    СлАвА УкРаИнЕ!!!

  7. prm: WWS said:

    c9eJIauTe eTo!

  8. 009EFF: BTWFC - HL said:

    Vraye historie ende al waer
    Maghic u tellen, hoorter naer!
    Het was op ene avontstonde
    Dat Karel slapen begonde
    T’Inghelem op den Rijn.
    Dlant was al gader sijn,
    Hi was keyser ende coninc mede.

  9. One-Two: kiolox said:


  10. narkkari: Brexit - VR said:

    shoutout to Italy

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