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Semi Finals

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Default Win

European CRAZYBWAII Clan vs England Cheeseburger Cat Enthusiasts
6 - 0


  1. Georgebaii said:

    Oh boy…

  2. Yxxo: TSM said:

    Lets go bois

  3. Georgebaii said:

    this is it, this is it, the game of the century, big boys big guns big cocks coming out to play in a best of 3 maps, king kong vs godzilla

    put your ray bans on because its going to be a mediocre game with barely any action in this 9v9 matchup.

  4. sasami: ERCAPITANO - VR said:

    zhevor don’t quit pls :(

  5. Yxxo: TSM said:

    They allowed http://etf2l.org/forum/user/106347/ to merc for us.

  6. Chasing: MJ12 said:

    murloc + meer>>>>>>>>

  7. FTH: MV!!?? said:


  8. Gorzum said:

    The clan is gonna s l a m

  9. 31KANG: TSM said:

    Meg unlucky I can’t play on this ez game ;p

  10. TheMeerCat: ^ - Wiki said:

    Map 1: Coalplant
    Map 2: Lakeside
    Map 3 (Decider): Product

  11. TheMeerCat: ^ - Wiki said:

    Also, Kosuke merc confirmed to be allowed, forgot to do it sooner, sorry gamers.

  12. Akuma: kevin said:

    Meer and his fellow gamers are gonna put as much effort in it as they can. Good luck for both teams. Clan is gonna win this.

  13. Fire: WCS said:

    could go either way tbh

  14. Fire: WCS said:

    gunna back crazybwai tho!

  15. Chasing: MJ12 said:

    3x K o t h ;)) @cheesburger

  16. Gorzum said:

    Wise choice, picking koth maps against dm lords :^)

  17. Mr British said:

    Brainless DM lords on their home turf gonna slam <3

  18. TheMeerCat: ^ - Wiki said:

    gorzum i dont think u know how admin challenges work

  19. caiz said:

    koth maps is Cheeseburgers Yard tbh but i think the CRAZYBWAII will take it :)

  20. 31KANG: TSM said:

    Nashville is our best map so it’s kinda that they picked coalplant ;p

  21. 31KANG: TSM said:

    Ashville* kinda cool *

  22. Kosuke: TSM - SDCS! said:

    31 is bad

  23. Adje: MV!!?? said:

    easy for CRAZYBWAII

  24. Akuma: kevin said:

    cmon CRAZYBWAII, win this shit, win the tournament <3

  25. sintyre: NoA!m - -s- said:

    hi 31

  26. Chasing: MJ12 said:


  27. 30.06 said:

    My men gonna pound

  28. Nightmare: MV!!?? said:

    vaccinator vaccinator vaccinator

  29. Yxxo: TSM said:

    ez game tbh

  30. Georgebaii said:


  31. Dave_the_Irate: SDCS! said:

    “Meer and his fellow gamers are gonna put as much effort in it as they can.”

  32. Georgebaii said:


  33. Cronk: ︻芫═一☺ - Lucrosa said:


  34. Murlocjonny: Team - -✯- said:

    tfw gamers leave for Overwatch

  35. Gorzum said:

    tbh if they ahd played the amtch they would still have stopped playing the game after CRAZYBWAII crushed these american pigs 

  36. Adje: MV!!?? said:

    tfw you have to stroke your ego after a def win

  37. counou: nR - :) said:

    ^^ and he still spells “match” and “had” wrong

  38. Gorzum said:

    Typos were intentional, you’re not a real Crazybwaii if you don’t make mistakes

  39. Fire: WCS said:

    gl against russians pls avenge

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