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Mid Tier

Week 1

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by Bloodis (Whatever bro)



6 - 2

[Screenshots: A ]



2 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]

Seychelles Whatever bro vs UnitedKingdom TwisteD.tf2
6 - 0

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TwisteD.tf2 (7) NURWHAL, Vouri, aloha, caeli, shoras, Vornami, the hand that destroys u
Whatever bro (7) Glyra, jorski, Anathon, Menty, Tomu, Bloodis, sam
Unrostered (1) Sn0w


  1. Default Date said:

    A default date has been set for this match by ETF2L.
    The default date is: Thursday, 22 September 2016, 20:15
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.
    If the default date does not suit you, please contact your opponent and ask them to reschedule.

  2. Y$$$: UP said:

    chandos cut 5 players could he be the next b4nny? no aloha carry but should be ez 4 vouri

  3. jorski: said:

    anime to pound

  4. shoras said:

    I will cut chandos before he cuts me!

  5. the hand that destroys u: nohat. - EDO said:

    shoras ur cut, bye

  6. Caeli: ʙᴀɴᴀɴʏᴀ. - #T4F said:

    vouri is shit, worship me instead.
    btw I will stream the game @

  7. Vouri: RINGO - PAKI said:

    caeli is shit, i slammed him in endif and in every other aspect of life
    btw I will stream the game @

  8. shoras said:

    don’t make me kick you from server again chandos…

  9. AnaThon said:

    I just want to point out only half of my team has anime avatars, NOT THE MAJORITY.

  10. Tomu: (๑╹ω╹๑ ) - bad said:

    The members of twisted we’ve played vs your mixes that get tilted after 10 seconds, please refrain from doing so this is OFFICIAL this means you can go to jail for tilting like a 13 year old listening to linkin park for the first time.

  11. Vouri: RINGO - PAKI said:

    I’m unaware of who these members are Tomu, however we will be taking this OFFICIAL very seriously. Any attempts to mock us such as that of referring to us as 13 year olds listening to linkin park will be taken very seriously and I advise you to calm down before I report you to the ETF2L administration, which will subsequently result in severe consequences for you are your team.

  12. Tomu: (๑╹ω╹๑ ) - bad said:

    Dear Vouri,

    I am glad to hear that you will be taking the OFFICIAL (this is a word we use to describe the match that we will play against one another). I understand that my mocking of members of your team for being 13 year olds and listennig to linkin park could hurt certain peoples feelings and I did not wish any grief upon the members that do not tilt like my nan after a couple drinks. I would have directed it at the players who did so but due to low self confidence issues from these members of your team they had to change their aliases twice as we were playing.

    I also would not want to anger the ETF2L administration team but in our pocket we have 1 league admin on our team by the name of Bloodis and one trial admin under the name of Mental Alex. We will use them if we have to…you have been warned.

    Yours Sincerely,


  13. NURWHAL: POOTISTAN - faggot said:

    Dear Enemy Gamers,

    I am actually 14 years old. I usually listen to classical music such as “The FatRat” I am not that big of a tilter. I just like to scream and rage over the mic and chat for the giggly bants. Please get your facts straight before mislableing me as you’ve done so.

    I also don’t give a rubber ducky that you have an administrator and a trial admin. I will disrespect your “Waifu” and see who’s laughing then kid…

    Yours sincerely

    Buttery Ben.

  14. firej said:

    Anime team to victory!

  15. shoras said:

    No Muuki perma Spy – no tilt. Don’t worry mates.

  16. WildPiggie: 6on6 - SENS said:

    this is it, this is it, the game of the century, big boys big guns big cocks coming out to play in a best of 3 maps, king kong vs godzilla

    put your ray bans on because its going to be a sweltering game full of hot chocolate action in this 6v6 matchup.

  17. WildPiggie: 6on6 - SENS said:

    Shout it from the mountain tops baby! Shoras! Shoras! Shoras!

  18. shoras said:

    Hello to my fans from Planet Expresso!

  19. the hand that destroys u: nohat. - EDO said:

    chandos: this guy ok?
    Anathon: yes
    chandos: ty

  20. AnaThon said:

    19:51 – Anathon: hey our roamer’s internet is pretty unstable atm, can we have this guy merc for us if needed
    19:52 – chandos: yeah hes fine np

  21. Caeli: ʙᴀɴᴀɴʏᴀ. - #T4F said:

    Tomu dodging the match :(

  22. Tomu: (๑╹ω╹๑ ) - bad said:

    Dear Caeli,

    If you go to my European Team Fortress Two League profile, you will notice I have an English flag. This is because I am indeed English and not Finnish. When you live in England it is natural to have subpar internet, which is when the internet is slow and not fast if I have confused you.

    Unfortunately for me my internet is even worse, I have a setup of 4 tin cans and some string connected to a satelite dish that is in fact a bin lid and at this current state in time (when nobody else is using the internet) I have 400ms. I feel this may hinder my teams performance potentially and I do not want to resort to playing sniper full time as I would never dare do such a thing.

    My apologies, Tomu.

  23. Vouri: RINGO - PAKI said:

    [18:34] Hi chandos, how can I help you?
    [18:34] Hey hey
    [18:34] Pls dont judge me, this is for a bet I SWEAR, can you change my name to Chandos-chan
    [18:34] Sigh
    [18:34] * Morphine puts down weeaboo hammer
    [18:34] :<
    [18:34] Im not a weeb

  24. RaTSLaYeR: (´・ω・`) - gandhi is said:

    game of the season this

  25. NURWHAL: POOTISTAN - faggot said:


  26. Caeli: ʙᴀɴᴀɴʏᴀ. - #T4F said:

    ok can we agree on banning loch and load now?

  27. shoras said:

    Bloodis : why did i allow these unlocks………

  28. Caeli: ʙᴀɴᴀɴʏᴀ. - #T4F said:

    Bloodis : why did i allow these unlocks………

  29. Tomu: (๑╹ω╹๑ ) - bad said:

    LnL gives advantages in mind games because if you have a player that will ragequit because of a weapon they can’t be very good.

  30. Caeli: ʙᴀɴᴀɴʏᴀ. - #T4F said:

    who rq’d ?

  31. shoras said:

    LnL gives advantage to people with bad aim basically.

  32. the hand that destroys u: nohat. - EDO said:

    gg was fun apart from the LnL

  33. rodentslayer2332: POOTISTAN said:

    Well played both teams. Go weebs!

  34. Menty: (League Admin) - (´・ω・`) - NYS said:


  35. Vouri: RINGO - PAKI said:

    im going to die

  36. firej said:

    easy for the weebs

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