Nations Cup #6 powered by Tt eSPORTS - Group Stage

Group F

Round 2

Round commencing: -

Schedule deadline: | Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Ihor (Ukraine)



0 - 5

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2 - 4

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Scotland Scotland vs Ukraine Ukraine
0 - 6

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Ukraine (6) cezar, Abra, Ihor, kensi., lippy, Detoed.
Scotland (6) Serotone, Fragm3nt3d, Fenrir, Deox, sheepy dog's hand, nuze


  1. Ihor: pA - dneprodno said:

    add me sheepy pls, or add detoed.

  2. Pahan: kiolox - kiti said:

    потная игра

  3. Fenrir: Xypher - COGU said:

    i come to study Mechanical Engineering at American university. i am here little time and i am very hard stress. i am gay also and this very difficult for me, i am very religion person. i never act to be gay with other men before. but after i am in america 6 weeks i am my friend together he is gay also. He was show me American video game and then we are kiss.

    We sex together. I never before now am tell my mother about gay because i am very shame. As i fuck this American boy it is very good to me but also i am feel so guilty. I feel extreme guilty as I begin orgasm. I feel so guilty that I pick up my telephone and call Mother in Russia. I awaken her. It too late for stopping so I am cumming sex. I am very upset and guilty and crying, so I yell her, “I AM CUM FROM SEX” (in Russia). She say what? I say “I AM CUM FROM SEX” and she say you boy, do not marry American girl, and I say “NO I AM CUM FROM SEX WITH MAN, I AM IN ASS, I CUM IN ASS” and my mother very angry me. She not get scared though.

    I hang up phone and am very embarrass. My friend also he is very embarrass. I am guilt and feel very stupid. I wonder, why do I gay with man? But I continue because when it spurt it feel very good in American ass.

  4. mba god's hand said:

    go go ua

  5. Crayon: POG - Lucrosa said:

    @@@@@@@@[email protected]@@@@@@@

  6. fat0n: RB - tm.hl said: ru stream

  7. ru.ch3t said:

    kkaltuu : ukrain is good at the game because of rockets from russia :)

  8. Muuki: scn - bad said:

    fenrir why you lose

  9. Abra said:


  10. fnzkie: kiolox - WCS said:

    nihuya kensi uspevaet eshe i v tf ebashit

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