Highlander Season 7 powered by Tt eSPORTS

Division 1

Week 2

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This match is affected by one or more wildcards.

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Date Scheduled:
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by Laidback (House Full of Funk)



1 - 3

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2 - 0

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Poland House Full of Funk vs European ResidentSleeper
3 - 3

Active Wildcards:

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ResidentSleeper (9) Popcorp, mumba, Spade, roban, Fuxx, pntn, Yggdrasil, Raf, rech
House Full of Funk (6) Jedi(fla)master, wonder, lamei, anrzej, Laidback, pablo
Unrostered (3) Silentes, Raczet, Deadpool


  1. wonder: KRITZBERG said:

    we can play on Wednesday (12.11) at 19.00

  2. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Wednesday, 12 November 2014, 19:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  3. Wildcard said:

    A wildcard has been used for this match by ResidentSleeper.

    You must reschedule this match before November 20, 2014 CET and play it before November 30, 2014 CET.

  4. Fuxx: Sampler HL said:

    Sundays and Saturdays 20 CET preferred. Fridays also possible

  5. Fuxx: Sampler HL said:

    We can also do Tuesday 20 CET, 1h15m before your official

  6. Laidback: funk - HFoF said:

    We don’t play on Friday or Saturday. Also, 2 offcials in one day is not quite comfortable for us. Would strongly prefer to play it on Wednesday or Thursday, 19-21.

  7. Spade said:

    why propose 20:22 lol

  8. Fuxx: Sampler HL said:

    16:35 – funk.Laidback: http://etf2l.org/forum/user/55082/
    16:35 – funk.Laidback: http://etf2l.org/forum/user/65596/
    16:35 – funk.Laidback: http://etf2l.org/forum/user/63837/
    16:35 – funk.Laidback: silentes is british
    16:35 – funk.Laidback: but we’ll call in polish
    16:35 – funk.Laidback: so
    16:36 – funk.Laidback: sil on spy
    16:36 – funk.Laidback: raczet on scout
    16:36 – funk.Laidback: and deapool on med
    16:37 – Fuxx Dangereux: will just ask team if they’re okay with it
    16:37 – Fuxx Dangereux: brb
    16:37 – funk.Laidback: ok
    16:42 – Fuxx Dangereux: so today at which time?
    16:42 – funk.Laidback: 20
    16:42 – Fuxx Dangereux: ok should be doable
    16:42 – Fuxx Dangereux: we accept mercs

  9. wonder: KRITZBERG said:

    what the fuck?

  10. san alex: pHy said:


  11. wonder: KRITZBERG said:

    Unrostered (3) Silentes, Raczet, Deadpool

    not bad

  12. wonder: KRITZBERG said:

    good game

  13. Fuxx: Sampler HL said:


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