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Division 4C

Week 1

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by MightyMe (ÜbêR powered by and Vlijm)

This match does not count as one of the teams dropped from this competition.



4 - 2

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5 - 0

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UnitedKingdom clanda vs Netherlands ÜbêR powered by and Vlijm
6 - 0

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ÜbêR powered by and Vlijm (6) kKaltUu, Vlijm, Loch, MightyMe, Casual, westmin
clanda (6) b0nes, DoomsDay, b0binho, Curt_Wild, Abomination, Quantum Plumber


  1. b0nes: [DA] - [AD] said:

    ive suggested Sunday 11th 21cet

  2. b0nes: [DA] - [AD] said:

    we only play on sundays and thursdays

  3. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Thursday, 15 May 2014, 21:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  4. MightyMe said:

    Thursday and sunday are not good days for us because i cant play on 100% of thursdays and 80% of sundays.
    We are available monday tuesday wednesday.
    But if you can only play on thursday and sunday then we can reschedule it for sunday 18th of May 21:15 ?

  5. b0nes: [DA] - [AD] said:

    should be ok ill check with the team tommorow

  6. MightyMe said:

    here is our esrver which we can play on if you want (stv + logs enabled)

    connect; password pcw

    it’s a simrai server located in amsterdam, but some players from UK had bad routing there so I suggest you test it out and see if it’s ok for you

  7. MightyMe said:

    zondag 18 mei 2014
    19:56 – [DA]b0nes: hi
    19:56 – MM: hey
    19:56 – [DA]b0nes: can we use this guy as merc pls?
    19:57 – [DA]b0nes: he will join roster but he too late to be varified
    19:58 – MM: yeah sure
    19:58 – MM: no problem
    19:58 – [DA]b0nes: cheers

  8. MightyMe said:



  9. MightyMe said:


  10. b0nes: [DA] - [AD] said:

    gg ty

  11. Vlijm: GoT<3 - Soup! said:

    GG good to see so many okdskool players still around. Our demo needs to practice tbh.

  12. MightyMe said:

    We will be using this guy as a merc tonight:

    16:48 – MM: accepteerd u deze speler, geachte freek?
    16:48 – MM: wij zouden hem graag willen utilizeren als een soldaat, desalnietemin pocket spelende
    16:48 – MM: bent u hier van gedient?
    16:48 – Emsee: Ik raadpleeg even de directeur, één moment
    16:49 – MM: uiteraard.
    16:50 – Emsee: 16:48 – Emsee:
    16:48 – Emsee: Do we accept him
    16:48 – Bear [<3]: hmm that guys is div3
    16:49 – Emsee: He said he hasnt played in 3 months
    16:49 – Bear [<3]: doesn't matter
    16:49 – Emsee: Mmmmmmhm
    16:49 – Emsee: Ill ask him to find another one but, I think we can allow this guy
    16:50 – Emsee: zzz
    16:50 – Emsee: bear is mierenneuker
    16:51 – MM: ja joh
    16:51 – MM: kanker op
    16:51 – Emsee: 16:51 – Bear [<3]: ye ask him to find someone else if possible if not then we could allow him
    16:52 – MM: ok dan ga ik wel demo
    16:52 – MM: casual scout
    16:52 – MM: wiethoofd d5 medic merc
    16:52 – MM: ook goed
    16:52 – Emsee: doe eens niet
    16:52 – MM: zeg tegen bear
    16:52 – MM: dat we ook medic merc kunnen regelen, maar dan ga ik soldier pocket
    16:52 – Emsee: Ik zeg wel dat je niemand kon vinden
    16:52 – MM: en ik heb in div1 en prem gespeelt als pocket
    16:52 – MM: en met scout ben ik veel minder goed
    16:52 – MM: en extreal heeft al 3 maanden niet gespeelt
    16:52 – Emsee: extreal is ez allowed
    16:53 – Emsee: vind ik
    16:53 – MM: wij doen ook niet moeilijk met mercs
    16:53 – MM: ja maar zeg tegen bear
    16:53 – Emsee: IK DOE DIE POLITICS JONGE
    16:53 – Emsee: IK REGEL DAT
    16:54 – Emsee: Ok
    16:54 – Emsee: Geachte heer MightyMe
    16:54 – Emsee: We allowe Extreal as a merc
    16:54 – Emsee: allow*
    16:55 – MM: je bent een schat

    tl;dr they accept

  13. MightyMe said:

    ho kanker dat was de verkeerde matchpage

    excuse me

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