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Division 1

Week 1

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Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Dandere (Momentum eSports)



1 - 0 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A ]



1 - 0 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A B ]

France Momentum eSports vs Germany Team Nein!
4 - 2

SteamID Screenshots: A


Momentum eSports (9) Python, sad-panda, Korv, caeli, M4RK, Deox, Munky, >MF<, Dandere
Team Nein! (9) HartzFartz, Asaaj, Cckwzrd, Blooddrunk, MARS^, Selek, [email protected], taffguy, quintosh


  1. Dandere: [┐◕.◕]┘ said:

    We cannot play Mondays or Sundays at all due to UGC HL going on at the moment, there aren’t enough people around on Thursdays to play. On Saturday 15th, we have a Wireplay official.

    Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday @ 21 would all be fine for us.
    Wednesday and Friday is preferred.

  2. Dandere: [┐◕.◕]┘ said:

    Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 12th and Friday 14th March, that is :)

  3. Dandere: [┐◕.◕]┘ said:

    Nvm, just Tuesday and Wednesday :P

  4. Dandere: [┐◕.◕]┘ said:

    Ok, not Wednesday either, just Tuesday ;_;

  5. Dandere: [┐◕.◕]┘ said:

    Actually it’s Tuesday and Thursday now @ 21 :)

  6. Deox: TBC - CORE said:

    Wow Mia, make up your mind!

  7. PIPSQUEAK: \m/ said:


  8. quintosh: T9! - CORE said:

    proposed thursday due to 6v6 ending we have more time now

  9. Dandere: [┐◕.◕]┘ said:


  10. Asaaj said:

    inb4 wildcard

  11. M4RK said:

    pls no :(

  12. quintosh: T9! - CORE said:

    22:24 – ähh nein? quintosh: hi we need a merc for the official
    22:25 – ähh nein? quintosh: http://etf2l.org/forum/user/22545/
    22:25 – ähh nein? quintosh: heavy
    22:44 – Deox: yeah sure

  13. Dandere: [┐◕.◕]┘ said:

    steam is down, chat to me here quinny

  14. MARS^: (ETF2L Donator) - T9! - V// said:

    highlander without items is stupid

  15. MARS^: (ETF2L Donator) - T9! - V// said:

    [20:40] well, apparently we’re giving the teams a week extra for this match

  16. MARS^: (ETF2L Donator) - T9! - V// said:

    [20:43] You can reschedule the game if you’d like, but the opponents need to agree with it

  17. Dandere: [┐◕.◕]┘ said:

    yeah, we’re cool with rescheduling, but we’re super busy next week, so shoving in a day will be hard

  18. MARS^: (ETF2L Donator) - T9! - V// said:

    ok, will schedule it when steam is back up

  19. Dandere: [┐◕.◕]┘ said:

    But yeah, let’s just reschedule, i talked to quintosh on irc:

  20. Dandere: [┐◕.◕]┘ said:

    is tomorrow @ 21 good?

  21. Python said:

    Steam is back

  22. Asaaj said:

    Not for me

  23. quintosh: T9! - CORE said:

    we cant play friday/saturdays

    proposed wed 21

  24. Dandere: [┐◕.◕]┘ said:

    we have ugc officials monday, wireplay official on tuesday, etf2l official thursday and not enough people around on wednesday to play. we can only play friday and saturday.

  25. quintosh: T9! - CORE said:

    proposed monday 22 after our ugc official

    can do sunday after our etf2l official too

  26. Dandere: [┐◕.◕]┘ said:

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    22:31 – ¹ᴿᵂ Mia: hey
    22:31 – ¹ᴿᵂ Mia: can we play on our server tomorrow
    22:53 – ähh nein? quintosh: : )
    22:53 – ¹ᴿᵂ Mia: quin?
    22:54 – ähh nein? quintosh: ok
    22:54 – ¹ᴿᵂ Mia: awesome
    22:54 – ¹ᴿᵂ Mia: thanks

  27. Snooki: VDOH said:

    quinny XD you’re so blunt

  28. Freakie: .awkward said:

    Due to Steam’s downtime on the 13th, we’re giving this match a new deadline of March 23rd. Please play the match and submit the results as soon as possible.

  29. private_meta: STDs said:

    Casting this in german on twitch.tv/private_meta with me and Darx!

  30. Jon: Essentials said:

    Casted on BlackOut TV by Bananaman & Jake

  31. Homer J.: \V/ Gold - CGAY&BB said:


  32. Blooddrunk: V// said:


  33. Python said:

    GGWP, sorry for the delays.


    First Half: http://logs.tf/214569
    Second Half: http://logs.tf/214595
    GC: http://logs.tf/214618

  34. Dandere: [┐◕.◕]┘ said:

    wow, rest of match report didn’t post, here’s the rest:
    5) Not forcing us to play another round after the config broke at an unlucky time

    TL;DR GG

  35. Asaaj said:

    Next time please a more appropiate time, I am sure none of us had a great time playing this.

  36. sad-panda said:

    Really sorry to T9 for the delays and ty for not taking a default wouldn’t have blamed you guys if you had.

    Was close games and good luck for rest of the season.

  37. private_meta: STDs said:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QZcDrLKQLU VOD of the german cast :)

  38. Asaaj said:

    Atleast we won at heart :D

  39. Caeli: doggo - #T4F said:


  40. Selek: Dr. med. said:

    Even though our team coordination lacked later on for several reasons, I think it was an intense match for everyone. Well played, good luck with the rest of your matches :)

  41. Python said:

    Yeah, likewise Selek :)

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