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Division 5B

Week 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by amppis (Syndicate: Orange )

This match does not count as one of the teams dropped from this competition.



1 - 5

[Screenshots: A ]



6 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]

Lithuania MidnightGaming vs European Syndicate: Orange
3 - 3


SteamID Screenshots: A


MidnightGaming (6) ixperelo, Mr. Goodliving, VeterinaraS, Typhoon, Led, flexu
Syndicate: Orange (5) HippieB, retrix, amppis, GiddyM0, Artasdmc
Unrostered (1) Gissmo.Pikachu



  1. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    TeamRebels replaced a team in your divisions. The regular week 1 deadlines apply.

  2. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 29 April 2012, 19:30
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  3. Diukas said:

    team sigma ftw

  4. amppis: Ascent said:

    <3 gl hf

  5. NightPunisher said:

    gl both teams :>

  6. Artasdmc said:

    Oh good why >:(

  7. amppis: Ascent said:

    that was horrible :<

  8. GiddyM0: |bV| - .org said:


  9. Typhoon: Laconic. said:

    Shame on sigma because when i was afk and my team was playing with 5 players sigma dont let us play with merc its totaly noob style they dont even play good they are shitters they lose badlands 5-1 and win gullywash because i left and they dont let my team play with merc was 1-0 and then they won all next point .

  10. Mr. Goodliving said:

    aj dusk sifonai blet per tave prapisom

  11. amppis: Ascent said:

    You didnt even ask if you can have a merc, he just suddenly joined.

  12. GiddyM0: |bV| - .org said:

    you dont even told us that typhoon is afk. We just kept playing and after the round you paused and said that he is afk

  13. amppis: Ascent said:

    Look, i will explain once more. They are spamming me on steam saying that “we kicked Psy” or “we didnt allow a merc”.
    We didnt kick him, he couldnt join because they paused the game w/o our permission and everybody knows that people cant join when its paused.
    Psy isnt even verified in the team yet, so he wouldnt been allowed to play anyways.
    Then they tried to get a merc, merc just suddenly joined and the game was paused again. No they didnt ask us if they can pause.
    No one asked us if they can use a merc, and it was mid game so a bit too late for that too.
    FYI- Here is something i talked w/ that javainis guy. I can send a screen if you start telling its fake.

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    Javainis*: you will get default lose
    Javainis*: becouse PSY can’t join to your server
    Javainis*: then was official
    Javainis*: you kick him
    nNinhja: he couldnt join because the game was paused
    nNinhja: dumbass
    Javainis*: we unpause
    Javainis*: then he join
    Javainis*: and he can’t join then
    nNinhja: lol, there was nothing wrong with the server. admins already have the demo and they can see it theirselves that you didnt unpause it so he couldnt join.
    Javainis*: we unpause
    Javainis*: and then he joined
    Javainis*: in my demo they will see
    Javainis*: if not 6v5 you will lose
    Javainis*: so
    Javainis*: they got stream live
    Javainis*: so
    Javainis*: people see your team
    Javainis*: you dont let us merc
    nNinhja: lol, you unpause too late. it doesnt matter anyway psy wasnt verified in ur team.
    nNinhja: you didnt have the rights to inv him anyway
    Javainis*: if in roter he can join
    nNinhja: no
    Javainis*: if not he can’t
    nNinhja: he wasnt veridied
    Javainis*: yes
    Javainis*: nevermind
    Javainis*: you will not win 5div
    Javainis*: we still can win 1st
    Javainis*: and we troll 1 match xax
    Javainis*: :)
    nNinhja: i dont give a fuck, just stop spamming me and admins will figure this out
    Javainis*: dude
    Javainis*: you got -50% reputation
    Javainis*: form admin
    Javainis*: so
    Javainis*: whatever
    Javainis*: you too low for 5div
    Javainis*: go 6
    nNinhja: rofl
    Javainis*: 6v6 you lose.
    nNinhja: just stfu already, i dont need you to spam random shit here.
    Javainis*: xaxa
    Javainis*: yOU LOW
    Javainis*: BITCH
    Javainis*: go to pub
    Javainis*: not 5div
    nNinhja: haha, nice try idiot.
    nNinhja: ur mad and trying to get me mad.
    nNinhja: so pathetic.
    Javainis*: we trolling in badlands and win DDD
    nNinhja: yeah right.
    Javainis*: we will win minimum 2nd in etf2l
    Javainis*: whatever
    Javainis*: bb
    nNinhja: you know how much i give a fuck?

  14. amppis: Ascent said:

    Images, if someone wants to see em.,8Qai3#0,8Qai3#1

  15. amppis: Ascent said:

    Something more-

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    Typhoon: You didnt even ask if you can have a merc, he just suddenly joined.
    nNinhja: yeah
    nNinhja: tell me when you asked if you could have a merc?
    Typhoon: You kicked PSY?
    nNinhja: no
    nNinhja: he couldnt joined because you paused it
    nNinhja: you should know that
    nNinhja: people cant join when its paused
    nNinhja: they will get stuck in retrieving server info
    Typhoon: they ask for merc
    Typhoon: but gydymo say no
    nNinhja: you shouldve asked it in the chat not giddym0
    nNinhja: thats ur fault
    Typhoon: no they ask in game
    Typhoon: im writing with my team leader
    Typhoon: but that was in lithuanian language gydymo said no just fuck off
    nNinhja: then his lying, admins have the demo and they can see it theirselves that you didnt unpause
    Typhoon: that was livestream
    Typhoon: i will look at that
    Typhoon: if i will look at that and gydymo was really said that we cant take merc
    Typhoon: then we will remach it ok for you?
    nNinhja: i dont give a fuck if we win or not, i just want the admins to know how much u broke rules

  16. Typhoon: Laconic. said:

    So what we can spam you to pm if you dont like it you can block :) we dont spam on the game and we was not shit talking on the game :)

  17. Typhoon: Laconic. said:

    We can write in your pm like you are idiot and if you dont like it you can just block dont write to this web because admins will not look at this ;) there is no rules that we cant write in your pm .

  18. amppis: Ascent said:

    tbh i dont care if its a draw or if someone gets a def win. I just want to clear it out that you are possibly the most retarted team i have ever seen.
    ps. Javainis has broken english. :P

  19. Javainis said:

    Team Sigma First your team to low for 5div. Second your are first team who say no you cant use merc.

    So draw to us it’s not bad we still can win 1,2st.
    If you wanna go some day gully 6v6 pcw. We will look who better in normal match.

  20. amppis: Ascent said:

    I havent said we are better than you. I dont give a fuck if we arnt, we play for fun anyways, not for living.
    And you cant just suddenly pause a game and say you want a merc, you didnt even ask us in the general chat.

  21. KA6Ah: .:ne:. said:

    jau lietuviai pralaimejo pirma mapa tai aiskintis kaska reikia

  22. Javainis said:

    1 Mapa mes laimejom 5-1 ir laikas baigesi.
    2 Mapa mes laiminejom 1-0 ir pas mus kibo zaidejas na uzluzo PC.

    And sigma team you say we not say that him afk? But then why you kick him if you dont know what?

    KA6Ah WDTR FRD: Patikek mes butume antra mapa laimeja jei ne butu musu zaidejas kibes. O kai paprasiau ar galim merc gydimo pasake: Ne negalit ir man px. Dar ten atsipisk rase ir t.t

    Na vistiek jie 5div persilpni. As tai zinau kad butume laimeja ir man gerai

  23. GiddyM0: |bV| - .org said:

    As rasiau atsipisk? Ka cia svaigsti? Kai joinino PSY as pasakiau ok gali ateit, bet kai jis negalejo ateit (nes buvo pauze), jus pakvietet augutysha o jis losia 4 dive. Kaip zinome aukstesnio divo zaidejas negali mercyt. Todel kai praset as pasakiau “ne” ir nieko daugiau. Kai jus raset kad tipo adminai leido pakviesti merca vidury officialo, as pasakiau ka cia svaigsti. Jus pasaket kad jum px tada ir as pasakiau kad mums px. Viskas.

  24. Javainis said:

    buvo taip:

    Javainis: Imam merc
    Javainis: Leidziat?
    GiddyM0: Ne
    Javainis: :DDDD
    GiddyM0: mum px neleidziam

    Na ir jus dar saket kad nezinojot kad 1 afk tai ka cia svaigsti? Taigi nezinojot tai kam iskickinot?

  25. GiddyM0: |bV| - .org said:

    1. Vyko zaidimas atsimenu pushinom lasta ir kai paemem kito raundo pradzioje jus pauze padaret. Tada pradejot i chata rasyt “typhoonas afk” “ka darot blet” “5v6 losiat”. O is tikro jus net bebuvot pasake. is kur mes galejom zinot ar jis afk.
    2. Mes nieko nekickinom! Kai buvo pauze PSY joinino taciau jus neisjunget pauzes ir jis negalejo ateit. po to atejo augutysh. jis jau buvo serve, specuose sedejo kai tu man sita chata paklausei. todel mes jo ir neleidom.

  26. GiddyM0: |bV| - .org said:

    atsiusk man chato screena. paziuresim.

  27. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Dear teams TeamRebels and Team Sigma,

    we have received complaints regarding this match and applied warnings for the following reasons:
    – TeamRebels repeatedly flamed during the match (1 minor) and later on the match page (1 major)
    – Team Sigma also flamed (1 minor)
    – TeamRebels paused/unpaused twice without giving any warning ingame (2 minors)
    – TeamRebels collected 3 minor warnings which sum up to one major warning

    I suggest you to take a look into our rules regarding pauses and mercs.

    The procedure for a pause is:
    If you need to pause, you must clearly request a pause and give a reason for it (for example: “Pause please, player drop”). The other team is then required to pause at the first appropriate time (e.g. not in the middle of a push). Teams must pause within 15 seconds of being asked.

    We could not see that TeamRebels used a merc, if you got any proof for that please provide us with it. If you need a merc you must ask your opponent for approval. You are not allowed to use mercs if your opponent rejects them and all agreements should be recorded on the match page.

    Please remember these points for your following matches!

  28. amppis: Ascent said:

    This is good, thanks CanFo.
    -And sigma team you say we not say that him afk? But then why you kick him if you dont know what?
    We havent said that you didnt tell us his afk.

  29. amppis: Ascent said:

    * You told us he was afk but too late apparently.

  30. Typhoon: Laconic. said:

    Ok i was not afk then why you kicked me?

  31. amppis: Ascent said:

    I kicked you because the merc needed one slot and giddym0 told me to kick you since you were afk. Got it?

  32. GiddyM0: |bV| - .org said:

    your teammates asked me to kick you Typhoon OK? Sako iskickink typhoona mercas ateina. Gali pasiklaust.

  33. Typhoon: Laconic. said:

    Tu mane iskikinai merc atejo bet neleidot tam merc zaist tai kam tada kikinot>? normalus jus?

  34. GiddyM0: |bV| - .org said:

    tai mes augutysho neleidom, o psy pats neiejo del pauzes

  35. Javainis said:

    Mes paklausem galim merc?
    pasakei ne
    ir dar parasei mum px neleidziam mazdaug taip ;)

  36. MixThat: Win said:

    paziuresiu kaip jus paimsit antra vieta su 5 pokemonais

  37. Javainis said:

    tuoj busim 7 pokemonai ir taves tai turi neliest :)

  38. Waebi: ‹Con› said:


  39. Keeway: TWC said:


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