Highlander Season 2

Division 3D

Week 5

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Enef (Don't Shoot the Spoonicorn)



1 - 2 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A ]



1 - 2 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A ]

European Don't Shoot the Spoonicorn vs European KritzKast: Distinguished Ducks
2 - 4

Active Wildcards:

SteamID Screenshots: A


KritzKast: Distinguished Ducks (8) Agro, [TANG] Merple, Shotgun, teh lemon, Ruskeydoo, VichéTheScouse, bubble bobbler, Daff
Don't Shoot the Spoonicorn (9) troot, animalmother, Enef, Heepnose, Prey, Gamb1t, Cercia, Mr. G - String, jericho
Unrostered (1) Herr_P


  1. bubble bobbler said:

    we can’t play at like 22CET :|

  2. Enef: MEAT - ssbk said:

    Its the best time for us as the majority of us have 6v6 commitments earlier than that ^^

  3. bubble bobbler said:


  4. bubble bobbler said:

    we may run a little late

  5. Wildcard said:

    A wildcard has been taken for this match by Don’t Shoot the Spoonicorn.
    You must reschedule and play this game before 06/05/2012.

  6. Cercia: PStM - DStS said:

    could you play tomorrow? would be pretty much the only date that works out for us seeing that the 6v6 season starts soon… (proposal sent)

  7. Cercia: PStM - DStS said:

    ok changed the proposal again…would be so much easier if bubble bobbler would make space on his friendslist so we could arrange that game :p

  8. Cercia: PStM - DStS said:

    connect ; password PSTMmatch

  9. Enef: MEAT - ssbk said:

    Results submitted, gg guys wp, Daff carry spy

  10. Enef: MEAT - ssbk said:

    Woops, looks like i submitted the results the wrong way round, if someone kind could fix that i’d appreciate it.

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