Season 11

Division 6H

Week 4

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Sardonyx (webSPELL` Gaming)

Default Win

Belgium webSPELL` Gaming vs CzechRepublic Tribal Cannibals
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A B


Tribal Cannibals (5) JohnnyZ, onYx Bonker, Mr.Fruit, Megan, Nojba
webSPELL` Gaming (7) Hiit, Karnax, vg63, Lyrikx, Ne0dime, Panda-Wan, Sardonyx
Unrostered (1) Foyer


  1. Sardonyx: webSPELL` said:

    Would Monday 20 at 21:00 suits you?

  2. Sardonyx: webSPELL` said:

    4GET. Sardonyx: Would monday 20 21h cet would be ok for you?
    tC. [email protected] NEW MOUSE: um
    tC. [email protected] NEW MOUSE: not im sorry
    tC. [email protected] NEW MOUSE: i wont be here next week
    tC. [email protected] NEW MOUSE: i have to go on holiday w/ my parents
    4GET. Sardonyx: Hm k
    4GET. Sardonyx: We might be able to play 19 if needed
    4GET. Sardonyx: just have to reschedule another match first
    tC. [email protected] NEW MOUSE: im leaving on 18th
    4GET. Sardonyx: okies
    tC. [email protected] NEW MOUSE: and i wont be her until 26
    4GET. Sardonyx: Okies

  3. JohnnyZ: Sexy said:

    can we have host ??

  4. Sardonyx: webSPELL` said:


  5. JohnnyZ: Sexy said:

    or this?

  6. Sardonyx: webSPELL` said:

    Agreed as a replacement for the first one :)

  7. Hiit: webSPELL` said:


  8. Hiit: webSPELL` said:

    I think not.

  9. Beef: Dawson said:

    One merc was not allowed by 4GET, so a default win goes to them. In the future check all your mercs with the opponent before playing.

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