Season 11

Division 3C

Week 6

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by d2m (Team Vertex - RIP Youngblood)



5 - 2

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2 - 0

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European Team Vertex - RIP Youngblood vs Finland e-famous
6 - 0

Active Wildcards:

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e-famous (6) Wägä, Jose, Antwuan, luzik, snade, Santtu
Team Vertex - RIP Youngblood (6) ThePledge, dusty, d2m, Mr. G - String, Sideshow, Dendocror


  1. d2m: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Sunday 11th March @ 21:15cet? :] Hit me up!

    We have a Hiperz NL server that we would prefer to use x

  2. d2m: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Sorry, our demo is away on the 11th March. How about Thursday 8th March @ 21:15CET? :]

  3. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Thursday, 08 March 2012, 21:15
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  4. Wildcard said:

    A wildcard has been taken for this match by e-famous.
    You must reschedule and play this game before 22/03/2012.

  5. d2m: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Was there any chance of you actually communicating with us to let us know you were going to wildcard?

    I first posted a comment on here on 12th February, it has been almost a month since I first tried talking to you guys and not one of you has bothered to reply on the match page or accept the three friend requests I tried to make on Steam to talk with you.

    What’s with the disrespectful attitude towards other teams? I thought you guys were pretty cool… :(

  6. d2m: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Please accept my Steam friends request and let me know when you can play. I have three invitations outstanding.

  7. d2m: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    18:14 – luzik: hello
    18:15 – luzik: we are probably able to play next week
    18:15 – vertex » d2m: hi, i wanted to take about our game that you wildcarded :/ – give me 2mins though, phone call x
    18:15 – luzik: okay
    18:15 – luzik: i have no idea tho why antwuan didnt talk to you at all
    18:18 – vertex » d2m: sorry about that
    18:18 – luzik: np
    18:19 – vertex » d2m: yeah we’re really disappointed no-one spoke to us, but you’re here now so :D
    18:19 – vertex » d2m: how is thursday next week for you?
    18:19 – vertex » d2m: or monday?
    18:19 – vertex » d2m: we are free on both of these days
    18:19 – luzik: there is that one thing that we need the game to start at 20 cet
    18:19 – luzik: it gets really late in finland and we have schools
    18:19 – vertex » d2m: i can’t do 20 as one of teammates gets home at 20:15
    18:19 – vertex » d2m: 20:30?
    18:20 – vertex » d2m: meet in the middle
    18:20 – luzik: i have to ask around
    18:20 – luzik: i guess i would be able to do that
    18:20 – luzik: but i need to ask
    18:20 – luzik: if someone has something against it then we gotta get merc
    18:20 – vertex » d2m: ok mate, would monday or thursday be best for you?
    18:21 – luzik: let me check with my mates
    18:21 – luzik: but my guess would be that thursday is better
    18:21 – vertex » d2m: ok mate – can you let me know later today?
    18:21 – luzik: yeah
    18:21 – luzik: asap
    18:21 – vertex » d2m: awesome – thanks for your help :) xx
    18:21 – luzik: no problem
    18:22 – vertex » d2m: will post this on match page to let the admins know that we’re still pals :D
    18:22 – luzik: shouldnt have let antwuan take care of match scheduling i guess
    18:22 – luzik: :D

  8. d2m: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    18:28 – vertex » d2m: i’ll send a proposal for thursday @ 20:30CET next week, look forward to hearing from you to confirm xx
    18:28 – luzik: okay, it looks good atm
    18:28 – luzik: 4/6 at least are able to play then
    18:28 – vertex » d2m: awesome


  9. d2m: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    gg guys wp – badlands was tough, we were surprised with how strong you started.

    Thanks for a great and friendly game. Was a pleasure to play you! GL for next season and all the best <3 xx

  10. Dendocror: idd. - ~MOE~ said:

    another one of the nicest teams in div 3c <3 pleasure to play against you guys, I had a lot of fun. :) gl next season you lovely bunch of fins :D xx

  11. The Pledge said:

    Together with HoQ the only nice and friendly team throughout the entire roster. Loved the game, hope you all had a nice and lovely season <3

    gg wp

  12. Antwuan: [{ORAL}] - -[S2L] said:

    gg wp

  13. snade: Suoli - moog said:

    luzik thinks d2m is 42 years old

  14. Luzik: Suoli - moog said:


    btw, was gg

  15. snade: Suoli - moog said:

    yeah was nice

  16. Sideshow: (ETF2L Donator) - ft. - WiK? said:

    d2m is roughly 143 years old, he lost count after 130 though.

    gg guys

  17. d2m: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    lol :( i’m 28. fuck you x

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