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Premier Division


Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Exfane (FakkelBrigade)



5 - 4 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A B ]



5 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]

Netherlands FakkelBrigade vs European Yoyotech
5 - 1


SteamID Screenshots: A


  1. Exfane: EPA - TWIN said:

    badl/obs with freight as decider

  2. Linus: [d¿s] - 007 said:


  3. MikeW said:

    ^What he said ^

  4. Mike: TEZC said:

    ? mirelin will win

  5. Dauk said:

    source television please

  6. Retsh0ck: 32erz - 2strong said:

    YYT wins
    inb4 Royki does something unbefuckinglievable.
    gk to both teams :)

  7. Daniel Rumpeslikker: Team Effort - said:

    Heia Truls og Magnus!

  8. waiz said:

    Go Go FB! Mirelinnnn <3

  9. Texic: ClickID - ClickID said:


  10. pala4 said:

    stv pls!

  11. Stultus said:

    i want source TV NAOO!

  12. Forsak3n: S said:

    GO GO FB!

  13. nej: AM said:

    poor Royze =(

  14. Admirable: (Toucan Ambassador) said:

    Really intense first map…
    Start campaign for revision of Golden Cap rule now :D

    Great job from FB scouts on Obscure.
    Well played and deserved victory <3

  15. Arie: ( - FB - [FB] said:

    STV on vanilla:

  16. kaidus: 7 - WiK? said:

    rofl wtf are those screenshots

  17. Arie: ( - FB - [FB] said:

    Actual badlands screenshots:

  18. tasKu: e-famous said:

    i laughed abit too hard on those pics.

  19. 0wner: posoni said:

    FB <3, Go Go Go!

  20. Kira! (kipa): xen - don\\\'t said:

    I like those screenshots :D

  21. sno: GoT<3 - itsallgood said:

    epic screens are epic

  22. Retsh0ck: 32erz - 2strong said:

    Really unlucky, wouldve been completely different without Royze timeouting imo

    And, CALLED IT that Roy would do something unbefuckinglievable :D

  23. Mirelin: XYUCAC said:

    Arie has 0 ping on the second screen, what a wizard

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