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Division 4f


Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by MiQuell (Team OS)



2 - 5

[Screenshots: A ]



7 - 2

[Screenshots: A ]



3 - 2

[Screenshots: A ]

Finland Team OS vs Russia Team Versus
6 - 3


SteamID Screenshots: A


Team Versus (6) ngk, Ino, Narik, un1caL, st1ff, Shyyou
Team OS (6) MiQuell, лиса, Setlet, Cyberi, meppi, Warmetal


  1. Setlet said:

    Hello there! Chat with me via steam, and we shall talk about the map elimination ))

  2. Setlet said:

    15:04 – OS! Setlet: Wanna choose the maps?
    15:04 – versus.nk merc: yea we can do it
    15:04 – OS! Setlet: * cp_badlands
    * cp_granary
    * cp_gravelpit
    * cp_freight_final1
    * cp_gullywash_imp3 [Link]
    * cp_obscure_final [Link]
    15:04 – OS! Setlet: We pick freight
    15:04 – versus.nk merc: -obscure
    15:05 – OS! Setlet: Meaning we drop it :D
    15:05 – OS! Setlet: Gravelpit
    15:05 – versus.nk merc: kk
    15:05 – versus.nk merc: cp_gullywash_imp3 * cp_granary * cp_badlands
    15:05 – OS! Setlet: Choose your map
    15:05 – versus.nk merc: left 3 maps
    15:05 – versus.nk merc: k,our will be granary
    15:05 – OS! Setlet: We take badlands

  3. Dessler said:

    gl Versus

  4. esky43232 said:

    go Versus

  5. Monkeh: .:ne:. - .:ne:. said:

    STV: connect

    @Mossepo: The server the relays run on needed updating. I’ll start the relay when I get in from work tomorrow.

    Good luck all.

  6. catman: STALIN - Anti-Jew said:

    gl OS, i believe in u

  7. lollapalooza: candy said:

    I know, Setled payed 10 blowjobs to participate on Winter lan

  8. lollapalooza: candy said:

    also, he is the worst osu! player

  9. Setlet said:

    lollapalooza you suck

  10. Turbo: sniper said:

    Good luck OS :D

  11. Linus: [d¿s] - 007 said:

    gl OS :p

  12. lollapalooza: candy said:

    Setlet, whysoserious?

  13. Old_Grandma: OGizzle said:

    NOLLA SÄÄTIVI NOLLA I wanna see some dead ruskies tonight.

  14. Pissmidget said:

    Go OS!!!!!

  15. Hirvisorsa: tR67 said:

    OS hwaiting

  16. Johhny: 2old4mid said:

    gl versus!

  17. madu: sisu said:

    gl OS!

  18. Luzik: Suoli - moog said:

    gluck os

  19. Midday said:

    Go Go Go VERSUS!!!! 3 div !!!!!!!!

  20. Remixi: TEZC - sisu said:

    GL OS!!!

  21. Setlet said:

    The stv will be changed soon…kyu

  22. xzr: puppeli said:

    GO GO OS

  23. Setlet said:

    STV is now ok (We never changed it after all )

  24. lapsus said:

    Versus go go go…

  25. meppi: OS! - OS! said:

    epic game, definately gg

  26. Setlet said:


  27. meppi: OS! - OS! said:


  28. MiQuell: sisu said:

    Good Game.

  29. Warmetal: Suse said:

    The most enjoyable TF2 I have EVER played. GG!

  30. Warmetal: Suse said:

    *TF2 match

  31. Monkeh: .:ne:. - .:ne:. said:

    Very gg guys, great to watch! Peaked at 53 spectators, constantly above 47 all the way through.

    Well played to Oh Snap!, good luck in Div3 :)

  32. Warmetal: Suse said:

    Not so fast monkeh, we still have a match to play to get there. :)

  33. Cyberi: OS! said:

    thx for the STV Monkeh! Was so nice to get so many specs :)

  34. ngk said:

    GG WP

  35. Tunttu: [MIPC] - [MIPC] said:

    GZ OS!

  36. xzr: puppeli said:

    gj os!

  37. LETIshNick: eehq said:

    Well played, lads! See you next season in 3rd division!

  38. wicked: slc. - sisu said:

    gj os! I love u!

  39. ngk said:

    Well played, lads! See you next season in 3rd division!

  40. ngk said:

    to Old_Grandma:
    racism detected

  41. lollapalooza: candy said:

    leti, ngk, not so fast :)

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