Highlander Challenge Cup Stage

Round 2

Date Scheduled:
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by TheSucker (Lokalen Alpha)



0 - 4

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4 - 0

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3 - 0

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Sweden Lokalen Alpha vs Latvia TF2.LV Community Highlander Team
6 - 3

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TF2.LV Community Highlander Team (8) atomic-, screwy, GaF, Sayorix, TeTRiS, subufer, Vinky, kiwii-
Lokalen Alpha (7) lwf, Pumaman, DwarF, BuXXi, TheSucker, hurr, MrBerta
Unrostered (3) Alx, amki, Yamma


  • Lokalen Alpha [Minor] Special kind of rule break (1st time) - see match comment for explanation


  1. Default Date said:

    Because this match has not been scheduled by either of the teams, a default date has been set for this match.
    The default date is: Sunday, 05 December 2010, 20:30
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.

  2. pala4 said:


  3. zoob said:

    Seems to be

  4. at0m1c* said:

    we have problems, team LOkalen Alpha played uncorrectly and not fair,rly!

  5. at0m1c* said:


  6. at0m1c* said:


  7. ashkan said:

    Hope this gets resolved. Good luck to Alpha in the future. I hope .LV stays in the league and joins the highlander league when/if started.

  8. Neo: fragnatik said:

    saw that game via stv,lokalen alpha got problems with config and they continued playing uncorrectly,just for win,instead of replaying steel,they defended all ppoints longer than tf2.lv and than they applied for win,not fair,rly…

  9. at0m1c* said:

    yeah we would have no problems with u if it would be done correctly and u would warn us about this stuff,we wrote lets replay steel,u wrote allright,so we even didnt knew that we are not replaying that map,u could warn us.And than u saw that we capped all points longer than u and u went to the admin,if we would cap those points faster that ur first time,than u would play once more and u would try to beat our time,not fair,rly…

  10. at0m1c* said:

    It is ur fault wrong config executed,and than instead of going to the admin and ask him what to do in that case u agreed to replay steel,but when we got points longer than u u went to the admin,very clever man…

  11. pala4 said:

    if you confirm you want to replay you need to replay, not just finish the gmae in such a way

    and btw the rules:

    5.4 Server needs ETF2L League Config

    All servers used for ETF2L matches need to have the ETF2L League Config [Link] loaded after every map change.

    5.5 Unusual server settings may classed as cheating

    Servers with abnormal settings may be banned for matches by the league and/or be classed as cheating.

  12. TheSucker: [d¿s] - 007 said:

    We never agreed to replay the map, just like you didn’t agree on just finishing the game like it should have been done. We decided to do that anyway, which is why we switched the teams so you attacked instead of us. An admin said that that’s how we were supposed to do, even if one side disagreed, so that’s what we did. We were tired of all the delays which is why we didn’t spend 20 minutes arguing about it, we simply just went ahead and did what we were supposed to do. The fact that you guys were 30 minutes late certainly did not help.

    pala4: The server ran etf2l.cfg, so it’s not an unusual config or anything. The server didn’t have etf2l_sp.cfg so that was the appropriate config to use. Then yeah, the mp_windifference 5 was forgotten about. But we are all human so mistakes do happen.

  13. yu: FOG - .LV said:

    “we wrote lets replay steel,u wrote allright” – so it’s not true, or what?

  14. Sayorix said:

    Guys all team said that we replay the Steel every one said yes. But suddenly were atacking we all said why and you said let`s play these way, were all agreed. At the end you said that your team won. No offence but your team leader needed to speak in pm with ours, because what was going on the server when config was broken you couldn`t understand what happens in chat every one spamming.

    Btw gl in the future maps and no more broke configs ! HF

  15. at0m1c* said:

    man u loaded etf2l 5cp match config on steel there is stop watch config it was ur fault and now we suffer..

  16. at0m1c* said:

    TheSucker: sfx – [α] said: We never agreed to replay the map,rly? we wrote lets replay,you wrote allright…LOL

  17. at0m1c* said:

    and there we cant speak about our last merc delay,because whan we started playing there were no problems on badwater,but because of ur fault we had headache on steel and instead of going and asking admin what need we do? u agreed to replay than when we got points in 9 minutes u rapidly went to the admin…

  18. at0m1c* said:

    and if we would get those points faster than u u would agree to attack,lolz,but u understood that u can do this stuff..admin staff…

  19. at0m1c* said:

    TheSucker: sfx – [α] said: We never agreed to replay the map, just like you didn’t agree on just finishing the game like it should have been done. We decided to do that anyway.Yes, complitely right YOU DECIDED THAT! Without our permission.You made a lot of mistakes and now u are trying to prove that u were right,nothing was done right.

  20. yu: FOG - .LV said:

    Steel should be replayed as a decider i guess. You’ll just simply lose every bit of credibility if you don’t, [α].

  21. TheSucker: [d¿s] - 007 said:

    We are all to blame (both teams) for the faulty config. A config was executed and everyone assumed that it was correct, no-one actually checked if it was, so putting the blame on one person for such a thing is wrong. And I’ll repeat myself, etf2l_sp.cfg (the stopwatch config) did not exist on the server, so that config could not have been executed.

    You’re also assuming that we’re in it to win, assuming that we’d do dirty things to win. That is not the case. We simply didn’t want our time to be wasted more than it already had been. If you had taken E faster than we had, then we would have lost. If we were greedy for a win we would for example have let ALX, one of our mercs, play heavy (kinda like you do with your div2 buddy :p). We’re not in this to win, we’re in it to have fun, play some games. If an admin decides that Steel needs to be replayed then we will do it. But this sort of insult-throwing does not interest me, so I’ll be waiting for an admin to make his/her call. Yes, the admins have been notified concerning this problem so it will be taken care of in due time.

    And Yu, I’d advice you to take a look at your own team and its behaviour before you start questioning someone else’s team.

  22. m-ex: v. existence said:

    well i hope that admins will decide it normally, cause i don’t need to check configs every line, thats LOL, and HOST team shoul provide for their opponents right config on server, if it’s not, your’e not right…

  23. yu: FOG - .LV said:

    First of all – what’s wrong with my team and our behaviour?
    Server config is a responsibility of host team. I hope it’s a rule. We got multiple maps restarts for that reason for instance.
    So you just sad [b]nothing[/b] about the game, just some complains about good buddy (the are rules about it – you can read it), so you can use any buddy you want.
    I really hope you guys will decide this inside team fortress and not on forum pages.

  24. lwf: [α] said:

    I disagree, whenever you see a chance to blame TheSucker you should take it. It’s great fun and I think he’s actually enjoying it, that sick, sick man. Don’t feel bad though, while he may seem innocent I’m sure he deserves it, somehow.

    It’s interesting that you believe we gave ourself an advantage by declaring our team the winners after beating your time (isn’t that how you usually win anyway?), but I see your point. There’s no way we could prove our intention wasn’t malicious although I assure you it was not.

    However, and now things becomes more interesting, we could easily accuse your team of the same thing since you agreed to play Viaduct. If Steel wasn’t played correctly in your opinion then you should have refused to play the decider map. Instead you took a chance. If your team would have won Viaduct, would you still claim the result from Steel to be incorrect?

    Oh, and I see no one mentioned it, but not only were you 30 minutes late, after that we also had to wait for your medic to charge his wireless mouse. No, really. Your medic had to charge his wireless mouse. And we waited for him. Again. While that is absolutely hilarious we were already getting tired and after having to adjust ourselves after you due to all delays there’s a point where you have put your foot down and make it clear we can’t allow ourselves to keep getting pushed around.

    None of this matters though because we already got the OK from an ETF2L admin so I fail to see the problem. I just wanted to troll TheSucker.

  25. at0m1c* said:

    TheSucker: sfx – [α] said: If you had taken E faster than we had, then we would have lost.
    -We would do that we would try to beat ur time,but before that round u agreed to replay,we thought we are replaying like dealed,not playing to beat ur time. LOL.We capped all points in our style like we always do and than we would defend those points…but u wrote gg.and there were no replay like we dealed before…

  26. at0m1c* said:

    if we would play like we dealed to replay and u would win steel we would have no pretension to you…

  27. ksaN said:

    cmon guys , just replay Steel as decider on server with proper config , is thats so hard to do ??

  28. BuXXi: .PoH - Carl said:

    Yes, getting 9 people to connect to one server is really hard, ask TF2.LV about it.

  29. yu: FOG - .LV said:

    omg.. stop whining about delay, it was your choice to wait. no offence.

  30. Neo: fragnatik said:

    guys forget about all delays and probs, there were no probs before game and on viaduct or badwater there were ur fault on steel,and u need to understand it,tf2.lv did nothing wrong(about delay- like wrote one of ur members:we all are humans…)Also u executed wrong config and didnt set needed comands,and also instead of replaying u played in other way,way u choosed by yourself…and just than when u saw that tf2.lv got points later than ur time,you,like,rats went to the admin,i think u even didnt explained the admin that u agreed to replay with ur enemies…So give up and dont write this nuts here,u made a big mistake,no those guys are suffering from u…

  31. tramsig: -><- said:

    I didnt play this match but:
    3.4 Delay of 15 minutes is allowed

    A delay of 15 minutes for showing up for a match is allowed. If a team fails to have a complete team ready on the server 15 minutes after the match was supposed to start, the other team has the possibility to claim a Default Win.

    Nothing that says you cant do it afterwards.

    You said that they agreed to replay, who agreed and can you post the log or a screenshot?

    “tf2.lv did nothing wrong(about delay- like wrote one of ur members:we all are humans…)”
    tf2lv turned up more then 15 mins late, Alpha executed wrong config, quid pro quo.

    I think admins is qualified to make a descision on this, If they want the map to be replayed Im sure Alpha will do it and if I were in TF2.LV I would show up in time to that game ;)

    Im so tired of teams showing up late and saying “whats the hurry?”, the hurry is that you are wasting the other teams time and making them stressed and annoyed.

  32. yu: FOG - .LV said:

    deCerto, “the other team has the possibility” only if they have some problems with that – it CAN’T be done afterwards. It’s ridiculous, just listen to yourself! Have you seen someone blaming wining team for delay after the game? You guys are so funny))

  33. ashkan said:

    You guys are all very funny. You can now stop this pointless arguing and wait for an administrator’s decision.

  34. at0m1c* said:

    i will try to find that demo,where thesucker agreed to replay ;),there is nothing on my demo cuz it ended when team Lokalen Alpha capped 5 points and because of server setting,which were mp_windifference 5,there cant find on my demo now because he wrote it after that round…

  35. at0m1c* said:

    and my pov recorder dont record demos after the map end

  36. tramsig: -><- said:

    ““the other team has the possibility” only if they have some problems with that – it CAN’T be done afterwards. It’s ridiculous, just listen to yourself!”

    Well, you agreed to play the 3rd map, and now you complain about the 2nd? “it CAN’T be done afterwards. It’s ridiculous, just listen to yourself!”

  37. yu: FOG - .LV said:

    Are you drunk or something? They do not complain about 3rd map – it was good and they lose with honor. But 2nd one need to be replayed due to [a] misstakes in config. It’s VERY simple conclusion that need to be done to restore fair fight conditions in this situations. That’s my opinion.

  38. at0m1c* said:

    there probably would be no 3rd map,we would beat u on steel,but u are very clever guys,capped all points with 5cp map config,than accepted our suggestion to replay,but understtod that u have good possiblity to win in ur own style)

  39. tramsig: -><- said:

    Have never said that you complained about the 3rd map, BUT!, by playing the 3rd map you acknowledged that you lost 2nd, you should never played the 3rd one if you thought something was wrong with the 2nd. Just as it is too late to claim a default win for the delay, it is too late to complain about the 2nd map.

    And no, Im not going to lower myself to your level with personal insults.

  40. Neo: fragnatik said:

    lol?what should we do? RQ on steel,when u disagreed to attack? than u would go to the admin and would ask for def win,u are rly stupid.

  41. tramsig: -><- said:

    LOL? personal insult again? No, you should NOT play 3rd map and contact admin yourself.

  42. yu: FOG - .LV said:

    Yes, you should play it – like if second map game wasn’t exist! So if you will lose – you will get 1-1 and decider map again, and if you will win – decider will be useless.

  43. tramsig: -><- said:

    Sense! you make none.

  44. yu: FOG - .LV said:

    ok. replay steel – for me)

  45. byte said:

    I can’t see TF2.lv getting a replay on this match, I think if I was in your position I would of asked the team to fully replay that map aka cp_steel AT THE TIME. I.e. when I was in the match and then if that happened to me on cp_steel I would ask for a reset/replay, especially if the oweness is on the other team.

    However you did not, and then you played viaduct and lost. If you guys were mature about it in the first place, lokalen may of opted for a replay as they are very fair players (yes despite what you may think TF2.lv team members), however due to the various immaturity from some of your members and personal insults towards lokalens members I highly doubt they will go that way.

    An admin decision will be announced shortly, either way this is not how and what highlander is about.

    Sorry to see you go out like this and wp to Lokalen for making a comeback from 1-0 down to 2-1 <3



  46. at0m1c* said:

    I.e. when I was in the match and then if that happened to me on cp_steel I would ask for a reset/replay, especially if the oweness is on the other team.
    -We dealed,like u say,but when we attacked and got points in 9 minutes,they just switched next map,without our defending.It isnt first time when i dont like the etf2l admins,tnx ta all admins,well done :)

  47. at0m1c* said:

    Yeah we would play on steel and would defend,but they switched the viaduct,u dont know nothing,byte.

  48. at0m1c* said:

    And also,Lokalen Alpha guys,are you so fair?We dealed and like byte told we should reset but u played in another way,Gl to fail in future and in s8 and other cups.Not fair team .And admins were not on Lokalen Alpha side,rly.

  49. RaCio: GoT² said:

    Lokalen will keep the win

    There was and is no reason to replay steel entirely as one full legitimate attack round was played. Giving the other team an attack round and comparing times is common sense in this case.

    Lokalen will get a minor warning for not executing the correct config. Please remember you need to execute the stopwatch config on pl and attack/defense maps.

    Thanks for your patience and participation i the highlander challenge so far

  50. at0m1c* said:

    I think lokalen is very happy now,gl to fail ;)

  51. ashkan said:

    I think I can say anything I want without people taking offence, as long as I put a smiley at the end ;)

    Good luck to both teams in the future. I hope most of the players in LV choose to stay in the highlander scene and participate in any upcoming events. I also hope Alpha doesn’t make it to round 5, assuming we do :(

  52. tramsig: -><- said:

    Very happy? no, but we are pleased that no other team have to encounter you in the cup.
    You really take the fun out of competetive gaming with your whining, double booking and exploiting of the rules.

  53. at0m1c* said:

    ashkan: Good luck to both teams in the future.No team called tf2.lv anymore.And i dont need that fucking medal.W e signed up not for medal…No highlander for me anymore ;)

  54. Warmaster: -[MG]- - HL said:

    Good read.

  55. Makaka: kiolox - SDCK said:

    Good Luck to Lokalen Alpha in next round. You deserved it. I mean, I have never seen a team who could have managed to hide such obvious swindle so deep and roughly.
    Hope to see some more swindles from you in future!

    Also, shame that admins appeared to be such disgraceful and bribable swines.

  56. ashkan said:

    But all you had to do was bribe me with hats, like they did :(

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