Monday Night Madness #6 - HIGH

Round 1

Date Not Scheduled
Results submitted:
by ETF2L Staff

Default Win

European DAKKA gaming vs Latvia Pointless
3 - 0


  1. Biohazard: IDK said:

    gl hf

  2. Biohazard: IDK said:

    or not

  3. Eledorian: DAKKA said:

    19:53 – DominiX^ -AA-: mate, we don’t have players, this was too unexpected ://
    19:53 – DominiX^ -AA-: even with a merc medic we can’t get 6 to play
    19:53 – DominiX^ -AA-: sorry, but you’ll have to go with deffaults
    19:53 – DominiX^ -AA-: good luck in the next phase
    19:54 – DAKKA Eledorian: kk
    19:54 – DAKKA Eledorian: are you not allowed to use 2 mercs?
    19:55 – DominiX^ -AA-: we have 1 player too high to play, one is mercing arround with pukz and swifty and we have stable 4 people now 3+ Line as merc ^_^
    19:55 – DominiX^ -AA-: 2 just somehow dissapeared
    19:55 – DominiX^ -AA-: so it’s just pointless to pick up half of the 6 as merces ^_^
    19:55 – DominiX^ -AA-: we’ll have to live with a deffault loose :/
    19:56 – DAKKA Eledorian: k, would’ve liked playing but there’s no other way I guess.
    19:56 – DominiX^ -AA-: yeah, unfortunately
    19:56 – DAKKA Eledorian: I’ll contact an ETF2L Admin and relay the message
    DominiX^ -AA- is now Offline.

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