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Division 6d

Week 6

Date Scheduled:

This match does not count as one of the teams dropped from this competition.


Map not yet decided

[XX] - [XX]


Map not yet decided

[XX] - [XX]

European inside Gaming vs Germany Wooo Girls
[XX] - [XX]


  1. Tob: Wooo! - FDM said:

    Wednesday, 24/11/2010 20:30?

  2. Tob: Wooo! - FDM said:

    you cant unpause a game if our demoman and medic aren’t back on the server. lol

  3. GhostjAH: IDK - :> said:

    lol…your team unpased the game…so dont cry.

  4. nightmare said:

    Tob, they joined the server, and we need to unpause or they can’t join your team… And your team unpaused the game :)

  5. DeadpoOl said:

    yes, and my tf2 crashed and we won without me on server .

  6. Tob: Wooo! - FDM said:

    you see GhostjAH your team unpaused! So stop telling lies und flame.

    In our Team only i joined the server, but our medic had a crash or whatever and wasn’t back.
    And before you unpause, its recommended to ask the opponent if he is ready.

  7. DeadpoOl said:

    Please upload status screen woo girls or we both get a minor warning. Thank you

  8. GhostjAH: IDK - :> said:

    …deadpool was crashed too, you could join your team, instead you joined to spec.
    We could play in 5v5 but you dont want or Idunno.
    But it doesn’t matter at 3-0 -.- so stop flame, and talk about the unpause with your team (:

  9. Tob: Wooo! - FDM said:

    > It was 3 – 0
    > One of us claimed pause. Because one of us had technical problems and one was disconnected to server.
    > Game Paused.
    > Game unpaused without warning or asking if we ready
    > They made 4 -0, 5 -0 while nobody og our team was ready to play.

    SC of the situaion:

    I think a major warning and defloss for the map for them would be appropriate

  10. Amistade: NNC! said:

    Guys. You asked for a pause, and we said: “Do it”; Who’s fault, if u pause and after mili-second unpause. I think it’s clan leaders job to pause/unpause game when its needed for your team, not everyą single member pushing pause button. You Paused the game and unpaused it second after without any warning, it’ s you, who should get warning and def loose.

    You are lucky, that we gave you our pause ability to bring your member into server, but you failed to do that and you just gave up. for the rest of match(ųmins) you didnt brought any other player into server, you were just standing, with wasted 2 pauses at your side, hoping, that God will drop u 3rd, and 4tf and more pauses.

    Stop trying to be rubish. Get normal players, make them listen to leader, when only he should do pauses and unpauses. get players, who dont RQ in match, who have stable connection(shit happens, but not 4 times in a map).

    This argument u gave is nothing than a rubish peace of hope to get default win being way weaker than other clan(us).

  11. Amistade: NNC! said:

    sorry for some number mistakes.

    It is “every1” in 3rd line;
    it is “for the rest of match(7mins)” in 7th line;

  12. DeadpoOl said:

    You’re team paused without asking, and unpaused without asking then you paused again when we said for you to warn us, and then i crashed, our ppl had to play because in some time we had to disconnect and you can’t pause 4ever, if he was offline you can’t be all day waiting, you must play, its the rules, so learn to have a fair play because you made 2 times a mistake…

    Just verefy the results and stop beeing stupid

  13. GhostjAH: IDK - :> said:

    LoL…defloss, why? coz we win the map too easily?We could play in 5v5 as I said previously, but you joined to spec…verify the result.
    You are so unabashed..defloss…pff

  14. Amistade: NNC! said:

    tbh, as i noticed, its 2nd german team, that is raging… 2 in a row this season.

    Not beign racist, or anything… but idk… i think from other germany teams we can expect the same… atleast from low div ones.

  15. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    If there are differences over the outcome of the match, please upload a demo and contact an admin via IRC.

    Also be sure to know the rules. The pause rule was updated in March 2010 and is no longer new!

    If you need to pause, you must clearly request a pause and give a reason for it (for example: “Pause please, player drop”). The other team is then, by rule, expected to pause at the first appropriate time in a sensible and sportsmanlike manner (e.g. not in the middle of a push). Teams will have to pause within 15 seconds of being asked. Not responding to a pause request will lead to penalties like a minor warning accompanied with the forfeit of the round in question, or, in extreme cases, a major warning and forfeit of the map.

  16. Amistade: NNC! said:

    Just to respond to the rule and an admin(i hope no further posts/flaming will be continued):

    As it is, we will upload a demo on this match-page.

    As rule says: clearly requested pause. All Wooo Girls (Germany) asked was “pause please”; nothign explained for what reason. we paused after a push on mid(as rule said).

    We said to pause for them after the 1st pause of us when we cap’ed mid. we told them to pause after we cap’ed last point and won the round – they did not anything – and we let them to pause few times.

    But if Woooooo Girllss need to bring such a shame on them selves – you can have it.

    Btw, if u dont want to have this same(and maybe a def loose of sucha things) – just verify results.

  17. murx: Wooo! - FDM said:

    1. i dont know what you have with germans? whats your problem? its a fuckin videogame!
    2. i just can say i got a freeze, have to restart, an as i comne back, the match was over!

    your talkin about shame? pff!
    you had won anyway and then doin such a crap?
    who talks about national crap?
    who flames?
    ridicilus to say that my team doesnt paused again, while demo and med are missing!
    who did shame on his team?
    because we said that you unpaused?
    because we had a problem with such players like you, who already win and still writin such crap like this post over mine?
    shame on you!

  18. murx: Wooo! - FDM said:

    ohne witz, ich brauch kein freizeit stress!
    zuerst der scheiss mit dem defloss wo keiner kapieren und agieren will!
    und jetzt der mist mit den pissern hier die nichmal n server an start bekommen, sich sau unfair verhalten und dann auch noch irgend n nationalscheiss anfangen!
    also ich hab keinen bock mehr hier drauf!

  19. nightmare said:

    gg guys, gl for the season! ;D Nice read ;3

  20. Ash: (Legend) said:

    indeed, good read. And nice trolls by t\’

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