Highlander Challenge Group Stage

Group 14

Week 1

Date Scheduled:


Map not yet decided

[XX] - [XX]


Map not yet decided

[XX] - [XX]

Netherlands Boxcar League United vs International Handsome Party Wagon
[XX] - [XX]


  1. raptor777777 said:

    Tuesday 28 at 20:00 gmt +1?

  2. raptor777777 said:

    No, not Tuesday 28, Thursday 30 at 20:00 gmt +1?

  3. raptor777777 said:

    Crap we really dont have much time this week

    Wednesday same time

  4. Shadow Virus: hpwag said:

    Wednesday is fine.

  5. raptor777777 said:

    connect; password ILL TELL YOU IN A CHAT

  6. raptor777777 said:

    They weren’t there

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