ETF2L AFS Season 2010

Division 6a

Week 4

Date Not Scheduled
Results submitted:
by ETF2L Staff

This match does not count as one of the teams dropped from this competition.

Default Win

Belarus do smile vs Germany Dropped :(
0 - 6


  1. Reaper: prem said:

    Hi we can’t play this week.
    Can you play on 15.07 20.00 CET?

  2. smziii: (Legendary Ratehacks) - Ascent said:

    hey whats wrong please leave a date when you want to play !
    last option 20.07 20.00 cet
    please write back or def win

  3. Reaper: prem said:

    Ok you can’t.
    Maybe on the 20.07, 20.00 CET?
    Please leave a answer as fast as you can, otherwise we get a default date!

  4. smziii: (Legendary Ratehacks) - Ascent said:

    remember deathline is 18.07..this sunday

  5. Reaper: prem said:

    säm was faster than me ;)

  6. smziii: (Legendary Ratehacks) - Ascent said:

    As you are unable to play in the near future and the deathline has passed please leave a reply that it is ok for youi if we get a default win

  7. Ash: (Legend) said:

    Well played, vier²! :>

  8. Ripple said:


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