ETF2L AFS Season 2010

Division 3c

Week 5

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by mosepose (n2o-gaming.TF2)



3 - 4

[Screenshots: A ]



1 - 4

[Screenshots: A ]

European Knights vs Germany n2o-gaming.TF2
0 - 6

SourceTV: connect;password tv
Active Wildcards:

SteamID Screenshots: A


Knights (6) tekosaru, ShoX, Kingcrispy, Fish, perry, Kanroook
n2o-gaming.TF2 (6) mosepose, kerrieeee, fl0w, ThUn, xerxes, stefaaan


  1. eX: [j]\\\' - [j]' said:

    GO KNIGGETS!!!! Sir swetur says hi!!!!!!

  2. ShoX: Sir - dp. said:

    Cheers darling :D

  3. ShoX: Sir - dp. said:

    I’ve proposed Monday 26th July @ 21:15 CET.

  4. ShoX: Sir - dp. said:

    Changed to the Monday 2nd August @ 21:15 CET at the request of mosepose. Please accept.

  5. Wildcard said:

    A wildcard has been taken for this match by n2o-gaming.TF2.
    You must reschedule and play this game before 15/08/2010.

  6. Grem: rEJ - TG said:

    Suprise us n2o!

  7. ShoX: Sir - dp. said:

    Now that’s not very sporting!

  8. djc: d2f~ said:

    let’s go n 2 o *clap clap clapclapclap*

  9. Grem: rEJ - TG said:

    stv with some slots lads. match of the century fo sho

  10. r7an: -9w- said:


  11. mosepose: WWCD - {o,o} said:

    gg np @ rab.

  12. ThUn: hf said:

    gg wp.

  13. stefaaan: ist doof said:

    gg and gz rAB :P

  14. fl0w: n2o - .:ZF:. said:

    gg wp :)

  15. kentsfield said:

    gg wp

  16. djc: d2f~ said:

    thanks germany!

  17. stefaaan: ist doof said:

    lol :DD

  18. ShoX: Sir - dp. said:


  19. Tapley: TEZC - TEZC said:

    i love germans!! :D:D

  20. Grem: rEJ - TG said:


  21. blorgalicious said:

    surprising result, wp :)

  22. r7an: -9w- said:

    awesome!! nice one n2o!

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