6v6 Ladder 2010

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Results submitted:
by d2m (Team Vertex - Retired Edition)



4 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]



6 - 4

[Screenshots: A ]

International Team Vertex - Retired Edition vs Hungary Cali Kartel
2 - 0

SourceTV: 27021

SteamID Screenshots: A


Cali Kartel (6) PingWIN, redcow, zozz, Davej, larry, Zotya
Team Vertex - Retired Edition (6) CeeGee, maggles!, fJack, Thalien, d2m, JamesBong


  1. larry: NMI said:

    tonight at 19:30 gmt?

  2. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Hey Larry :D

    I was thinking Thursday 22nd if possible? 19:30gmt would be fine :)

    We’re having a day off today – resting!

    Let me know if Thursday is OK for you?



  3. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Also – if you want to change a map, let me know too. I just picked two random maps :)

  4. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Larry, we can do 20:15gmt on the 22nd now :)

    We have another ladder game at 7pm GMT. I’ll try and message you on Steam tomorrow!

  5. bunfi said:

    i’m afraid, but my team members dissapeared. I cannot guarantee we will playing today, i hope they will appear soon….

  6. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Hey bunfi, don’t worry if you can’t play today – we can arrange it another time :)

  7. bunfi said:

    yeah, thank you. in a perfect world :D

  8. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Hi, we currently have a few challenges outstanding so I’m sending the same message to all opposing teams. We have the following dates/times available to play on:

    Weds 27th October @ 21:00 and 22:15 CET
    Thurs 28th October @ 21:00 and 22:15 CET
    Sunday 1st November @ 22:15 CET
    Monday 2nd November @ 21:00 and 22:15 CET
    Tuesday 3rd November @ 21:00 and 22:15 CET

    Please let me know which of these is best for you on this page, and I’ll add it to the calendar and confirm.

    Note: Dates are first come, first served :)

  9. larry: NMI said:

    hi Weds 27th October @ 22:15 CET?

  10. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Larry – that’ll work fine! I’ll add it to calendar mate :)

  11. bunfi said:

    finally! :D

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