Instagib CTF Cup

Round 1

Date Not Scheduled
Results submitted:
by Nor (bandytka w chuj)



11 - 8

[Screenshots: A B ]



10 - 3

[Screenshots: A B ]

Poland bandytka w chuj vs Germany #hobbygaming
2 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A B


#hobbygaming (4) haze-e, Hobbybash0r, ManU, Hobbyluck0r
bandytka w chuj (4) Nor, vosen, zar, ginisa


  1. haze: is good! said:

    When do you want to play? If you want to shedule, write into comments or add me or Hobbybash0r in Steam.

    haze – Crusader91
    Hobbybas0r – Tynshen

  2. haze: is good! said:

    How about 8/2/09 18 CET?

    connect; password pcw

  3. Norek: rda said:

    any of you around?

  4. Norek: rda said:

    im trying to contac you since yesterday :>

  5. haze: is good! said:

    [ALK]haze.: hey
    Nor <3 Peach!: yo
    Nor <3 Peach!: when would you like to play instagib?
    Nor <3 Peach!: maybe tomorrow?
    [ALK]haze.: i am going to aks my mates and give you the answer soon
    [ALK]haze.: some are still offline or afk
    Nor <3 Peach!: k
    Nor <3 Peach!: no worries
    [ALK]haze.: kk thx
    [ALK]haze.: k
    [ALK]haze.: tomorrow is good for us
    Nor <3 Peach!: k
    Nor <3 Peach!: 20:00 cet?
    [ALK]haze.: ok seems to be a finde date and time for us
    Nor <3 Peach!: you guys got server?
    [ALK]haze.: yeah
    [ALK]haze.: i posted it into the comments
    Nor <3 Peach!: k
    Nor <3 Peach!: so cya ytomorrow
    [ALK]haze.: ok
    [ALK]haze.: bb

  6. Hobbybash0r said:

    nice 0 ms shots :> np im yNet

  7. haze: is good! said:


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