Instagib CTF Cup

Round 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Pamppu (cvx)



2 - 22

[Screenshots: A ]



11 - 15

[Screenshots: A ]

International After Dark 6v6 vs Finland cvx
0 - 2

SteamID Screenshots: A B


cvx (3) kimsku, compton, Pamppu
After Dark 6v6 (3) b0nes, xrrma, Bury
Unrostered (3) Goose, tarmo-, Akhiv


  1. compton: cvx| said:

    Saturday 7th 20:00 CET fine for you?

  2. Bury said:

    sure, is CET currently gmt + 1?

  3. compton: cvx| said:

    Yes it is. I’ll consider it scheduled.

  4. Bury said:

    do you have a ready server, (would be much appreciated) or do you want me to set one up

  5. compton: cvx| said:

    Yeah, we have an instagib server. You’ll get ippw tommorrow on IRC or Steam.

  6. compton: cvx| said:

    I mean today of course :)

  7. Bury said:

    Please don’t schedule it for the 6th… we agreed on the 7th, *(first post)
    We cannot play tonight… dont try to scivvy it thanks

  8. compton: cvx| said:

    Yeah sorry, it was my mistake. Got mixed up between our bball and instagib bookings. Sorry for the trouble.

  9. Pamppu: brz - cvx| said:


  10. Akhiv: cvx| said:

    gg tarmo

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