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Created 26th April 2019 @ 16:36

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Do Drzky


Notice a lot of teams looking for coaches / mentors – I am here for teams Div 1-Open – Can do 1 night a week of mentoring coaching, mainly focusing on tactics for maps, positioning, teamwork advice, and any other general questions for me.

I only really want to coach/mentor serious teams who can speak decent enough English – If you got half a roster established and you’re making a project team right now – I am not the person for you because you should focus on making a roster but if you already got a roster/team established and want to improve for the next season – I am your man.

If you are new to the scene I have played this game a very long time with several seasons of Premiership behind me.

I use Discord these days, hit me up from ETF2L Discord @Hildreth.

Not going to backup for your team fyi :)


(League Admin)

Would definitely recommend.

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Do Drzky

Hildreth if we can’t find a demo you can be my personal coach.

If we do find a demo you can be the team coach, it might be a bit tricky if you aren’t experienced at dealing with mentally handicapped children though.

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