Prem Heavy/Maincaller offering HL mentoring and demo reviews

Created 12th April 2019 @ 02:19

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Comment on profile before add so I pay it more attention please just FYI.

Been around highlander for a long while, worked my way up from literally bottom div in 2014 with my own team I made, and eventually reached prem. Would like to give my service and knowledge back to the HL community in anyway I can to preserve the playerbase and keep the gamemode alive and competitive.

Anyone looking for a team/heavy/combo class/calling mentor (preferably fluent english) for like Div2 or below, feel free to add me and I may be able to give some time looking and talking through things.


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can only recommend this guy, if you’re looking to learn hit him up he wont bite :D

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Minigun, how 2 uze?
Please helping Buck !
Thabk you

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