LF team mentor (we're open)/scout mentor

Created 5th September 2017 @ 09:39

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joe the brave


Hey :)

Looking to see if anyone would like to help out with tactics and team stuff more generally for my 6s team.

We’re – radiometric online dating ♪. Last season was our first in 6s, playing in open; we did okay, and had a lot of fun, but I think we could do with a bit more direction in learning the game-mode, which has sometimes felt a bit like clutching at incredibly tiny straws.

After playing pocket last season, this season I’m playing combo scout, and so any scouts who’d be interested in helping me become a bit more familiar with the role would also be mega appreciated.

We have a nice, chill Discord atmosphere and guarantee that we will make u laugh. Or cry.

Thanks very much! Please drop me a message or an add if you’d be interested.


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