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Created 9th February 2012 @ 21:21

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Good Evening Gentlemen,

I have recently returned from a long period in the USA and would like to participate in some European TF2. I would love it if some voluptuous team or other group of players out there would be willing to have a few mixes with me (and maybe more after ^.~)

I am fully house-trained and capable of gathering some frags. . . It would be wise to add me as fast as you can! ^.^

Edit: I thought I would add this as I have experience in this field. I am willing to coach players or teams, if you would be interested in taking advantage of this then please Steam me and we can discuss. Thank you

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Bumpity Bump!


busy 17h with all ur team joining?


Are you THE kriss from dignitas fame?



I am well known for my sexual talents sir ^.~


Of course!



you were my favourite character in the witcher


Quoted from ijswezel

you were my favourite character in the witcher

I have never played it, I’m afraid I don’t know who you mean ^.~

Nobody has added me. . . ForeverAlone.gif

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