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Byte's Youtube Channel - Tips n Tricks/Mentoring clips/General videos

Created 21st September 2011 @ 21:39

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Spike Himself


Back on topic now lads.


Quoted from Dadamnphreaknoizphun

Exactly what i said. ;o)

obvious bait but I find it funny that noone has ever trashtalked to you and now after you shit on our heads you are repeating that we did trashtalk to you lol. What a fucking cunt



Quoted from atmo





Quoted from Dadamnphreaknoizphun

Exactly what i said. ;o)

You are one of the biggest immature idiots on etf2l.

You’re trying to talk shit in someone thread, while he is trying to help the community out, just because TC Talk shit doesn’t mean you have to talk shit in someones thread that is lending out a hand.

Byte is infacty a Legend, he’s been here for the etf2l community and the team fortress 2scene for ages.

If he wants to mentor teams, while he is one of the best team mentors availiable. Let him do that, even if it is for a team that might off have pissed you off.

Keep your periods and your peronsal problems you have with people for yourself.

Also good job Byte, liking the videos. Some of the things I still learn from games or videos I see from you helps me out with the people I’m mentoring.

Thanks Pony.



i only just found this post :D
old age…
great job byte nice to see you putting effort it still to help these trolls :)
rest of you should learn some respect!!
peace out.


Last warning. Please get back on topic.



Great work byte, learnt quite abit now but hurry up and mentor me dammit lol.


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Great video Byte, that solly spam is so underated!

Are you working on a new video?





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Hi all

Been a month or two due to a new house/new clan/new job/and various illness since my last video…

So I was planning on doing one this weekend, and making it a special one. I want to do a POV analysis of a soldier demo.

Now this soldier demo has to be from a player that’s played in a div 2 – prem etf2l official game, and one that you think is worthy of analysing.

I.e if it’s a 5-0 rick rolling and over in 15minutes then don’t bother asking me to analyse it. However if it’s a up and down sorta pov of you soldiering then send it my way. If you think it’s where you can benefit and other soldiers could relate… then this is what I am looking for…

I will use full annotation tools to get my point across about the mechanics of the soldier in a particular scenario too…

If you have difficulty uploading it somewhere speak to me on irc (#vanillatv/#etf2l @ quakenet), or add me on steam – http://steamcommunity.com/id/byte-me/



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Okay so I’ve uploaded a new video, just a POV of me playing demoman with comms although no mumble overlay (sorry conflicts with bandicam ; <)

New video can be found here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_tI3_TyTHs&lc=5EEXb-tBtkDt6qgJqT6qbWihTwGjRytcYN_PivaQd2c&feature=inbox

Anyway enjoy, in the mean time I've had SideShow submit and upload a demo for me to analyze and put up on the page will hopefully be doing this by the end of this weekend, so look out for that.

.::. Sign up! .::.




As promised I managed to do a POV analysis of a soldier demo provided to me by Sideshow.

It was a good demo to submit to be fair some good moments some bad moments in it and some fundamentals which can help the very basic skilled soldiers out there to be honest…

Might make this a regular thing depending on the feedback/response I get towards the video!

I would recommend most soldiers to have a look at it though, honestly I do feel you can pick up alot from this particular analysis.

New Video can be found herehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EThK-ep7WZs&lc=3nNEEfHJr27t_IbltcB9JzpbIFy7D93FJqPou53pdvY&feature=inbox

Also sign up and subscribe to my videoshttp://www.youtube.com/user/TheByteXperience?feature=mhee





why did u try to saw that sniper on snakewater :D wnb taimou?

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Quoted from rybä

why did u try to saw that sniper on snakewater :D wnb taimou?

stay on topic of the thread please



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