Invisible weapons glitch in old demos

Created 25th February 2017 @ 00:19

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Any ways to fix this? Weapons are invisible in third person and on other player models in old demos….



Nope, it’s because valve keeps adding more and more textures that ruin the old ones. The new festive spycicle for example ruined the normal spycicle in older demos.

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I’ve been looking into this when I wanted to make a video with tons of old clips where I use the (now Festive) Spy-cicle. You used to be able to load beta versions of the game somewhere in Steam’s properties which video editors would use in case it fucked over their demos for those l33t frag/jump videos. However, I think they changed that in 2013 or something like that and the only beta currently available is the toolchain beta they are testing right now.

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you just want to go through your demos normally, don’t bother, there’s not going to be much you can do about it and I wouldn’t know of any custom mod that could fix it. If you want to make a video, there are some ways you could work around it for editing purposes but they’re by no means practical workarounds. Maybe you can get your hands on an old backup of TF2 pre-Smissmass 2016 and run that in offline mode with Steam closed but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.


thanks for the help <3 sorry for the late reply

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