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Internet Problems

Created 31st January 2012 @ 23:00

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Lately I have been experiencing problems with the internet in my accommodation at university (I live in a house not in on-site accommodation). Every 10-20 mins my internet keeps completely disconnecting. I receive errors such as the operation has timed out + unable to resolve server’s DNS address on chrome.
I’ve tried switching the DNS and even the wires around, just to check if it wasn’t down to faulty wires.

The router ive got is a BT2700HGV (if that helps). Everything I have looked at now points towards getting a new router.

Before actually going to get a different router to what I have already got, I was just wondering if anyone has any advice on if this is the correct way to go, or is there a simpler way to fix it without having to get a new router?

Spike Himself

If you can’t get any decent help from your ISP, a new router is probably the best way to go, although that doesn’t necessarily fix it; the problem may lie elsewhere still.
Try borrowing a router from someone just to test, perhaps?


Yeah that is probably the best idea, than just running off and buying a new router…I’m sure I’ve got a spare router lying around somewhere xD. Thanks for the help :DD

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