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Mumble, TF2 and my mouse

Created 4th December 2011 @ 22:10

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Mr. Cr0ss

Hi there.
Since I’m using Mumble, I keep having a strange behaviour from my mouse.
Suddenly, the sensitivity seems to be very high and it slips as hell when tracking.
When I’m not using mumble, everything is fine..

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UbeR |

Try installing mumble 1.2.2 instead of 1.2.3. I’ve been having lag on 1.2.3 since it’s release.



Turn off overlay if that doesnt work.



is this a spot the odd one out?

TF2 as it doesn’t start with an M :D

Serious answer:

Run mumble as an Administrator. Also worth changing the priority down maybe (can help not always) plus you could run mumble off one core. All possible things to do but try the running as administrator as fixed lots of errors for me in the past..

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Mr. Cr0ss

Problem solved as I changed os to win xp, thanks for answering anyway.

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