I am interested in creating a TF2 fragmovie. Regarding previous experience I have primarily been editing Counter Strike, yet I feel I could make things work in TF2 just as well. I made a quick attempt a while back, which I managed to recover from the trashbin. It is in low quality, however it should give an indication of how the movie could turn out. You should expect higher quality, a different soundtrack, color correction and generally more effort on my part for the next one. You can check the old one out here (short): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1URMQcvnwq8&hd=1

So to do this project I am in need of demos. I had planned to make a community movie first, but I am also open to making a movie about a high level team, group or player. If you or your team wants something like that, you can contact me by direct messaging either here or on Steam. If you’d rather or also like to be in my community fragmovie, the only requirement is to note in the name of the demo whether it is a 6v6 or a Highlander game plus the tick-number at which the action begins and post it with a download link down below. I would also appreciate if you named it something that gives indication to what happens.

Example of demo name: dancingroot_doubleairshot_43000

I would love to start this project, so I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,