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Created 26th April 2013 @ 10:03

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ELEVΛTE // A VΛ Motion Picture
Produced by yours truly, ɱ ų ɛ ʀ ҭ ɛ.

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i41mhu92igxjvx3/Elevate.wmv – Just hit the Download button at the top right of the page :)

This is a team frag movie for Virtual Λlliance.
All frags shown are legitimate and taken from scrims over the past couple of months.
The first (and hopefully not my last) frag movie I’ve ever created.
Oh and just to be clear, the fades between some frags are there to skip the space between kills within a streak.

Apologies to all individuals on the receiving end of the bullets, rockets, stickies, shovels, crossbows, pipes and escape plans.

Players, in order of appearance:

“FLOWER: fukn noob u so shit at te game scrub”
Screamie would like to thank his girlfriend of (at the time of writing) 8 maandjes.
“ɱ ų ɛ ʀ ҭ ɛ: [P-REC] Bookmark.”
Nibo is currently in search of a Division 7 highlander team to showcase his sandvich throwing skills.
“Player Sjoeberg has left the game.”
“j0ly: sory guys i cant talk on mic. my sister is sucking my d*ck :(”
“Uhm…How did Khum get 6k more damage than anyone else?”

And the individuals who didn’t make the final cut…yeah…you’re too damn sh*t at the game. :3

Also, please ignore the last 20 seconds of black…Vegas farted on my face…

– “Herb Shuttles”, The Underachievers (Yes, I was listening to perhaps a little too much Flatbush when I was editing the final bits of it, so it’s incorrect in the credits).
– Voice of “Rucks”, Bastion, Supergiant Games
– In-game sounds, Valve Corporation

– TF2 In-game footage, Valve Corporation
– Fraps, Beepa
– Lawena Recording Tool, Monitz
– Vegas Pro 11, Sony Creative Software
– Photoshop CS6, Adobe Systems

That’s right ladies. It’s finally here. The VΛ team frag movie. Pretty happy with the way it turned out. I’ll update this with a dowload link to the original .wmv file sometime soon.

This is my first frag movie, so excuse any shitty little mistakes (most noticeably the 20 seconds of black at the end….)

So yeah.

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nibo huge


can’t wait to see it in 60fps


Quoted from toota

can’t wait to see it in 60fps

And now you can! :3

Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i41mhu92igxjvx3/Elevate.wmv



medic frags at 0:56 are sick :D


(ETF2L Donator)

Quoted from Forsak3n

medic frags at 0:56 are sick :D



Bloody brilliant medic frags!

Rest was rather meh, demo putting stickies fuck knows where and still getting 5mans. Soldier melee frags where nice to watch, while not really special. Can’t remember any of the scout frags… speaks for itself I guess. The three headshots in the first part of the movie were boring too – oh noes, he headshot a medic while not being pressured at all. SO SKILLED.

The general idea of the movie is amazing, I liked what you were going for, and I really enjoyed the introduction to your team. :)

Then again you kinda killed it with that grey overlay and with those bright PREMesque colour flashes that murdered the remainder of my eye sight.

The music is a matter of taste, but still – it didn’t really fit the mood I think you were trying to achieve with the overall editing.


(Legendary Ratehacks)

-liked the theme, colours and music
-meh frags besides the first medicspree (rofl opponents)



50% of the frags were sticky whoring, meh sniping, meh solly. Decent medic spree but thats pretty much it. Editing was fine music was not bad either. I would say overall 4/10.

papa juan

9 ☆

from the outsiders point of view everything is shit except that snake airshot, i heard the guy has a big dick






Nice movie, ok frags :)

But one thing that I noticed, at 1:42 clip, the viewmodel_fov is different from the rest of the clips? :D why



Dammmm that demoman with that 6k on the second point.. What a beast!


Quoted from Forsak3n

medic frags at 0:56 are sick :D


Quoted from Tuto

But one thing that I noticed, at 1:42 clip, the viewmodel_fov is different from the rest of the clips? :D why

Because I had to mess with the configs when recording that clip and forgot to change the viewmodel_fov to match the others >_<

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