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Revenge :: TF2 :: by theBlueWolfman

Created 30th March 2012 @ 10:53

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Youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbtRuKv5ZOk

this is my first tf2 video, i worked a long time on this ( 2 months ).
i love to hear what you think of this video and how i can improve my editing style.
and also if you would like to see another video of me.



Not bad video…the frags were from public and the edit is too much… 5/10

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Sorry but i can’t feel and see nothing interesting in this movie.. its all video editing (not totally bad,but without taste imho) and some random easy frags from random pubs :(
And all those headshots means nothing at my eyes…







helicopter in tf2


edit is really good. although theres too much of it. and next time use comp demos insted of pub plays :)

why is there voice additions on the wrong characters, I can hear sniper deaths whenever you kill anyone on the 1.30 streak, unless its an actual sniper it which case its obviously a logical progression to make that a soldier death? Not sure what you were doing there but it didn’t work at all, never do that again.

Other than that and the obvious ‘boo hoo public frags’ I actually really enjoyed that, liked the style and flow

not sure if srs

ok…. :D



Lmao I thought this was going to be terrible, but I actually liked it. Fov75 hurt my eyes tho.

edit: get some demos from 6v6 games and try to edit something.

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Pretty interesting editing and I liked the music :]

Don’t really like the public server frags, but that’s a better first TF2 video than I could do. So kudos to you. Would like to see you try a competitive frag movie with a touch less editing!

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Quite liked it, I found it original! The editing is overall good, some parts are actually too edited or have random effects (colors at 1:10 are actually horrible), but some effects were good and original instead.

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I like it :) try abit less editing next time tho



Edit is vgood, but
1. Average quality of graphics.
2. Low framerate ( very visible in slow-motion ).
3. Don’t like the colours much.
4. Pub frags.
5. No death notices.
Just things to work on.

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