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Wade by NaF

Created 17th February 2011 @ 10:58

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Quoted from decap

this isnt cod, stop making movies like cod idiots
you cut a 6 kill scout spree down to 8 seconds, with every kill in slowmo. slow, THE FUCK down, man. you had enough awesome footage there for a sweet 5 or 6 minute movie, but instead its a 2:35 clusterfuck where u can barely see whats going on.

and dont even get me started on the colours/retarded aspect ratio changes

you are jealous or mad?


It’s true though… I’ve watched it but actually can’t remember any of the frags.



Quoted from LuckyLuke

Is this a music video or a frag video?

<— is that ur face, or ur moms?

decap is right, but one thing was missing… dubstep OLOLOLOLLOLOOLLOLOOL

btw HI



very well done, but i dunno why tf2 movie making is getting more & more like css ;/


What was that? Turned that shit off after 50s.


Pixie <3

refreshing to see something a little different… loved the colours, even if the style did detract a little from the frags.

still, GJ.



Fuck different tastes amirite

Enjoyed the movie, good stuff :)

Quoted from LuckyLuke

Is this a music video or a frag video?

At least he can do something different, you just reuse the same fonts, colours and editing over and over again.


(? XD

Great! At last people are starting to actually learn how to edit in TF2 community. Capture Productions ftw!


TOO MUCH, for me atleast.



lmao at all the rej mix appearances. The easy way to practice.



2:04 lolol


decap to rescue the universe


ok qualy
shit colors
most of the time shit sync for velocity style
too many shit pov smooth
rest was ok

atleast you tried different style then most shitters

gl next time (try focus on sync and slowmos) and stop using this ugly pldx shit

-> above average tf2 movie

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