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Messing Around

koth_pain, an Egyptian theme koth map with a unique layout

After many changes and playtests on, the map received very positive reaction from the players, I think it would be even better to hear feedback from competitive players.

I already posted it on, and the players seem like it; but I heard that you guys, ETF2L are very open to testing new maps, so

Current version: koth_pain_b6
Map thread:
Direct download:
Screenshots: thread:

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Messing Around

B6 – No fun allowed

+ Bring captime back to 12s
+ Make the choke more open, but add a roof and some pillars, make it more-and-less chokey at the same time
+ Remove water because it gives Soldier (and other Jumpers) too much advantage
+ Continue to detailing the middle area
+ Some optimization

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