Posted on TFTV already but basically would there be any interest for EU open/mid teams to scrim some serious games of cp_gravelpit and/or ctf_turbine pro for fun. I miss these maps and serious team play on them. As it is soon to be off season for ETF2L I hope there are at least a few teams interested.

I am pessimistic about the response but maybe there is a few teams who are down to mix up and have some fun on these maps even just for one or 2 nights.

If you have never played before and are atleast contemplating playing either of these maos, I would urge you to just try subbing one current map out on one your scrim sessions to have fun on one of these old school maps, especially now you guys have plenty of time to practice since season is over. I mean after all video games are meant to be fun.

I am aware they have a bad rep and many people dislike them but I personally always enjoyed playing them, constant 5cp and one koth map can be tedious.