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Hey guys, I have been working on koth_forge, a foundry style map, and I finally decided to share it with the competitive communities. So far the map has been well received by people involved with the comp scene, and we’ve some adjustments were already made to make it more comp friendly. At the moment though, me and bakscratch are working on polishing the visuals and the gameplay of the map even further. But we’d love to hear your opinion as well as feedback. Workshop Link Dropbox Download

Blue Spawn:
Red Spawn:
Mid 1:
Mid 2:
Mid 3:

If any of you would like to discuss the map, or just have a nice jolly chat, feel free to hit me or on steam :)

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Update b2n – Worked on some minor clipping issues I missed/ Increased door heights/ moved some props, as well as increased the size of the point and under the point.


Major – Made the point/ cap area wider.

Major – The area under the point is larger – entrance to under the point is close to spawn. 

Major – Stairs onto point closer to spawn.

Minor – Addition clipping on buildings

Minor – Moved prop to make easier for scout jumps

Minor – Increased height on all doors

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Hey guys, the map has been to updated to beta 3 version, and is also available on the workshop!

Beta 3 Changes:

*Changes to mid area.
*Improved clipping on the map. Workshop Link Dropbox Download

Beta 3 Screenshots:

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Seeing that koth_forge is being played in the pre-season cup, it would be lovely if teams/players could share their thoughts, and if possible demos of the games. That would be lovely, and would definitely help me work on the future updates.
Thanks :)

Make sure to check the tftv thread as well :)


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and if possible demos of the games.

I uploaded the STV of our game on forge if you’re interested, it can be found here:

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