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Created 11th September 2015 @ 01:49

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hi im dog

When we played this in the cup, we weren’t quite sure if some of the things we found were intended features of the map but just incase they aren’t I thought I’d bring them up here. Also I’m sorry if any of this has been discussed before.

You can stick to the wall above the lobby building on blu 2nd. No idea what causes this, it doesn’t seem to be ordinary wall-bugging because you don’t have to hold a movement key to move “into the wall”. You can just jump up there and hold crouch stick to the top of the building and look around freely. Releasing crouch makes you drop.

This one we thought was quite ridiculous: A lot of the trigger boxes seem really oversized, making it possible to open shutters without taking any damage from stickies at all (slow peaking snipers on last stalemates seem pretty strong). Not sure if this is intended though. This last one seems especially powerful.

On the topic of trigger boxes, you can cap 2nd from behind the boxes, sitting on the outer ledges. Again not sure if this is intentional, it seemed very counter intuitive however.

The pipe above the far right entrance on last (attackers perspective) isn’t clipped properly allowing you to sit on the “connecting bits”. Considering you have to do a very precise jump to get up there though and it’s quite easy to knock you off it doesn’t seem too broken. Just something I thought was worth bringing up.

You can keep the doors open on enemy forward spawns by walking into them if someone’s opened them, like this: On mid there’s nothing blocking you from entering the enemy forward spawn You can either keep the door open or walk inside and get stuck. If I remember correctly it works on both sides for both forward spawns.

I’m sure I forgot to list something we noticed, so that’s all for now. Hope this helps

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1. unintentional but no idea why that happens, there is no micro ledge there, ive never heard of such an issue, cant promise any fix tbh

2. intentional, the last one is built specifically for the purpose of allowing a sniper a huge angle once you lose control of window room. Think of it like snakewater where you lost the hut and sniper can see everything.

3. not really intentional but in my opinion it would be much weirder if you couldn’t cap from behind a box

4. unintentional and been fixed in next version, ash beat you to the punch on this :p

5. definitely not intentional and not something that has been brought up ever (or tested actually) so should be fixed sooner rather than later.

Haven’t released any updates as atm I’m just wondering if it’s worth continuing work on the map, I’m not sure that I could win over the people who experienced severe bugs on the map and if that’s the case I don’t really see the point.

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I’ve fixed bugs that were pointed out to me, looking for a group of people, preferably who previously had the sound issue, to help troubleshoot, I’ve asked around and even on tf2maps nobody seems to know the problem. It doesn’t happen unless on a populated server it seems, so need a group of patient gamers willing to test.

Add me or something if you want to assist :)



just realised I never actually released the new version cause I’m retard

there it is, b1.

The next few versions will focus on revamping the lighting(adding HDR would be a start,) improving fps, for the rest I can’t say what might happen, depends on feedback. :)

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