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In my opinion CP_LOGJAM_B19 is the best version.


Here’s kind of a sneak peak at what I’m thinking for RC4. In no ways is it meant to be detailed/polished yet (dev textures woo) but there’s a decent amount of changes. If you guys want the .bsp to walk around and see it let me know and I can upload it. Blue side only at the moment.

Imgur album:




RC4pre2->RC4 changes: Major
Fixed the huge hole in the map @ 2nd
Removed the locomotive sex that was happening outside red 2nd
Fixed a bunch of trim texture angles at red 2nd
Made secret more of an “L” shape than a squiggly
Fixed players being able to stand on the backside of the fence @ spire
Reverted a crate to being full sized at last rather than half height
Changed how logroom’s lower exit can get on height @ mid
Moved the health/ammo in logroom to be more centralized; removed the health outside logroom on 2nd.
Investigated the steepness of choke: Found out it’s the same steepness as old choke but I didn’t use as much smoothing at the top and bottom so it “felt* steeper because the slope wasn’t smoothed. This has been changed to be more like old choke.

RC4pre2->RC4 changes: Minor:
Fixed some clip sticking through mid’s floor
Fixed some mesh being missing in saw
Fixed a bit of trim protruding in red lobby
Fixed a few of the paint splotches below health/ammo on red 2nd being hard to see
Fixed a clipping ammo pack at red last
Removed barrels at red last because symmetry is hard
Fixed floor textures not lining up properly in logroom
Fixed some pipes and doors clipping when they shoouldn’t
Attempted to fix stickies not colliding with some models

RC3->RC4pre2 (pre1 was a half map test) changes: Details/pretty things
Fixed clipping on the blue upper exit roof at 2nd
Fixed roof trim on mid huts
Fixed fire extinguishers clippin @ last
Fixed some clipping at 2nd-lobby transition
Fixed some detail trim being mislocated by blue last
Fixed Blue’s resupply lockers not animating properly
Fixed some mesh being missing at red 2nd
Removed the boxes by the healthkits on mid
Fixed players clipping with the top of spawn doors @ last.

RC3->RC4pre2 changes: Gameplay
Increased respawn wave time for defenders at last by 1 second
Moved the resupply lockers closer to spawn exit by a bit
Put the big wall from last’s upper left to upper right
Removed the barrels on the right side of last point
Removed the rocks/fences in front of lobby main exit
Added a wall at 2nd
Moved spire towards last by just a hair
Altered the way that upper left leaves last and enters onto 2nd.
Modified spire to promote forward holding not directly on the point.
removed the health and ammo in logroom, added health and ammo at each entrance to logroom
changed logroom’s exit to mid a bunch
added some extra height in the left corners on mid for demos and for scouts to jump on the huts
Added a logramp! (Pogchamp!) Logjam! on mid. around the rock.
Added a new passageway from upper lobby to lower lobby over the top of the shutter.
Made a choke in secret further in so it’s easier to spam out

Imgur album:

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