ETF2L season 18 polls - an utter disgrace

Created 19th May 2019 @ 22:56

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Quoted from supra


are you trying to insult noice here? are you seriously comparing him to this filth????? noice is one of the pioneers of the dixies chicken anti-bullying campaign and this is how you repay him? the fact that you think this is funny is an insult to the very character of noice
infact, let me tell you about some of the reasons why i think noice should not only be the new caster for EVERY GAME going forward from now but also the president of dixie INC.

Firstly, this man has contributed more to the team fortress 2 community than you ever will, this man is a bastion of the community, keeping tf2c lobbies full, always making games amazing to play, there is not one game i can think of that i played with this man that i thought “NO, i am NOT having fun and i will REPORT!!!” the very idea that you’re compaing him to this son of a bi- excuse my french…

secondly, he is a contributer to the evolution of competitive TEAM FORTRESS, the man is in the forums of, esea (EVEN ON THE CS THREADS) and ETF2L.ORG, HE IS A MASSIVE CONTRIBUTOR TO ALL THE IDEAS WE HAVE IN ALL THE LEAGUES, the very idea that this man is not the leader of the manchester national 6v6 team is an insult to his character

and lastly i just want to tell you how much of a disgusting person you are, the very idea that this vote exists makes me sick, i hope you rot in hell for the things you’ve done today sir

i do say that my vote will be NOICE as he is just the superior pick, even b4nny once said “i’m too afraid to mge noice” as he fears the man’s strenght here is a post of him mightying the all-powerful blayze, if you think this is a joke i assure you sir it is not, and you will regret challenging the power of the mighty noice!


could not agree more, etf2l needs to realise who’s calling the shots for this gamemode


Honestly, I’ve never heard something so true. I totally 541461200% agree.


this is true and i dont have a gun pointed at my head


Honestly, I’ve never heard something so true. I totally 541461200% agree.



Honestly, I’ve never heard something so true. I totally 541461200% agree.



Honestly, I’ve never heard something so true. I totally 541461200% agree.



The masses are speaking Mr Aleskee, we’re all so personally insulted we can barely put it into words.

Only for prem players? That my friend is segregation and I’m completely disgusted. You’re basically saying anyone below prem doesn’t matter? You’re calling us scum are you? This is an outrage and we will not stop until we get the freedom we deserve


Shocking from Alex, gets his trial admin and begins to believe he is the ETF2L owner. In no way should this be a rule. Those who wish to enforce it are scared to have there precious egos damaged. Not giving the chance of a lower div player to gain the top spot is disgusting. Quite frankly I see it as a show of character from the people who run this competition as they are not willing to give the rest of the community the chance to earn the prize they ultimately deserve. Its time the community open their eyes and see this broken system. Together we can make our own system, our own rules and people like Alex, who believe they have all the power will be put with the rest of us like it should be. Segregating people on their division in such a competition goes against morals of this establishment and you know it. Being in the top league should not and does not give you any right over anyone else in this community and those who believe it does should take a long hard look in the mirror because you are looking like a clown.

I did not want to have to make this second post however, after reviewing the statements made by others it has became clear that segregation is apparent. By the overwhelming amount of support that this post has generated it is clear that the majority agree and we thank you for this.

This is Ollie signing off





Honestly, I’ve never heard something so true. I totally 541461200% agree.



Honestly, I’ve never heard something so true. I totally 541461200% agree.



I am shocked at the behavior of Ollie on this day. A fine British Samaritan like him going against Me??? I do say Ollie I am shocked and left in aw at the disrespect you show to not only a former TEAM MATE but a friend just as well.. noice is a bastion of the community and the very idea that you’re abusing his trust like this is shocking to say the least… Shame on you sir, SHAME.

HOW MUST WE SIR, I REPEAT, HOW MUST WE DEAL WITH THIS? Your idea of letting new players cast might not be evil at first glance but I assure everyone reading this that you are being decieved.

While wanting the best for new players is fine and dandy it is also an insult to the people that created the platform on which they type out their messages about the officials they lost and from which got open 2nd place. The very idea that we would let new people have the spotlight instead of showing our gratitude towards legendary guardians of the tf2 circuit is just shameful, my gods Grace I only hope b4nny does not discover this thread as he will surely WEEP IN SHAME!

While we should obviously address the issue that players are not given as much opportunity to grow and evolve we also need to discuss the treatment of the fineembers of the community we nurture. To see the work of many men (no girls ):) and boys coming together for cast an amazing game of open grand finals. While i agree that we need to open our arms to the people nurtured. We must also not forget about the people sitting at home with their hand in their pants having a good ol time looking at their good ol gaming crt. Watching a video of the fine sport of airshot. Yet this man dares insult YOU, THE READER AND THe VIEWER. Whilenindo enjoy my share of fine autism, when it’s not b4nny being smashed in the face with a pie by thalash then I think we’ve gone too far. We must uphold the respect we give to everyone. But the little man must wait while the people that put their souls into this evolve.

Ollie I must say. I expected better than this and Chelsie football club will be very disappointed. But not only them, I am SHATTERED from your messages… And the fact that you are including hashtags in your message is an insult to the people of this thread and noice himself…


Finally, a message for T1k, I was not talking about you my g in the last thread I was talking about the wannabe admin “Aleskee”. I believe this man has a big part to play in locking the last thread, this is because he engaged in beef with the boys and we all know how that ends for our enemy.

well i was about to add 1 poll to his name but some admin locked the thread xd
maybe next season lad
shut up u egg
these are messages I got for my criticism of the abysmal staff. I feel offended and shocked by this treatment!

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