How do we define OP and when should a weapon be banned, in a competitive setting

Created 30th July 2017 @ 21:48

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I’m making a video on competitive pokemon and I’m trying to understand what the proper goals for balancing and blacklisting certain mechanics in a competitive game are. Any detailed explanations for this would be very appreciated.

So far from what I’ve seen, competitive leagues try to ban and restrict certain moves because they either A: force the other team to use it or (assuming both teams are equally skilled) be outplayed, B: brings the game to a halt and makes it boring for both the players and viewers.





or C, the weapon is drastically changed mid-season and we dont know if its fair or not anymore so we ban it just in case


Things get banned from Pokemon because they’re not healthy for the meta. Marshadow got banned because it’s typing, ability and the move specrtral thief made it way too much of an offensive threat for anything in up to really deal with. Besides steel types like mageaerna and celesteela that are still getting smashed by all out pummelling. Marshadow was being forced on every team because nothing stood up to it and it made the game incredibly boring and frustrating for the few days it was allowed. It was the same with baton pass in that it was a brainless offensive play style that was honestly unstoppable if played well. Which isn’t hard to do. The next suspect will more than likely be magearna, the shift gear bolt/beam z move set flat 6’0s any team that doesn’t pack mega venasaur. You can play perfectly against your opponent and still lose to last min set up magearna, all you have to do is bring it in against a non ground type mon shift gear on the switch and win. And in turn magearna is found on almost every team and it’s always super aids and unfun to deal with.

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